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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2132467
the evil stepmother doesn't tell a son that his father has died.
139 words
28 lines
a quatrain poem

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A Son’s Loss
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

He left this world all alone,
No friends nor, family shown.
He gasped for breath all the night.
He had fought a valiant fight.

She was just a damned old whore.
She used him up and asked for more.
She was the second wife,
He had faith in her as he clung for life.

His son helped him every way he could,
But the father misunderstood.
As the witch got in his ear,
Carping about things that wasn’t quite clear.

The son was sad and enraged,
This woman his father engaged.
Tore a happy family apart.
She was bad right from the start.

Now his children, all be they grown,
Are full of discourse that she’d sewn.
They are left with a hand full of ash,
While the whore has her money at last.

She tied his hands tightly with a rope,
She wanted him to suffer, but he said nope.
He never got to the funeral that day,
But the old hag surely had her way.
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