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by Saedra
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a teen drama
I pulled Vanessa into the girl's bathroom “He asked me out!!” I said astoundedly
“yeah!!” we both squealed, Vanessa looked at me.
“You're so lucky Rebecca…” she looked down slightly and I could feel something was up.
“Hey..” I nudged her “we are the most popular girls in school, we can get any guy we want.” I said in a sassy manner, she looked up at me “And I don't think it's that guys DON'T wanna go out with you, what about Noah?” I asked
“do I even have a choice?” we giggled a bit.
“There's only Tyler, Noah and Blake but he’s your brother,” I told her in a joking manner, but I was serious. She looked away “Vanessa… you don’t like someone else.. Do you?”
“welll…” she said nervously
“You can't! those three are the most popular guys in school and we deserve nothing less!”
“ughh fine!” I let out my breath in relief. I pulled my phone out of my pocket “W-what are you doing?” she looked at me as if I suddenly caught her attention.
“Messaging Noah,” I said with a smirk. Vanessa's eyes opened immensely
“You’re what?!”
I giggled,
“Chill, I just said hey. He probably won’t even reply” she relaxed a bit and sighed.
“You’re probabl-” she was cut off with a ding. We both looked at each other, she covered her mouth and a grin grew on my face. I started messaging back.
“What are you saying now..?” I put my phone down and smiled at her.
“I may or may not have asked if he liked anyone”
“you did not!” she said as if she didn’t believe me. I nodded at her, “O.M.G.” she started pacing around the bathroom. Another ding went off “what does it say??” she said as I pulled up my phone. “What does it say!?!” she said even more concerned.
“I’m opening it!” I said as I looked at the message
Talk about random question, but yea, I do. I read his message in my head. Vanessa stood next to me and read it.
“Why did you ask that? Now it’s obvious you’re talking about me!” Vanessa said annoyed.
“Yolo” I said while I messaged him back.
“How can you say that? Ya know what, i’m just gunna go message Tyler.” Vanessa said proudly. I put my phone down.
“You better not mess this up for me, I really like Tyler.” I looked at the dirty blond as she scrolled through her phone. “Van-” I was cut off as my phone dinged again, it was Noah. I quickly opened the message
Why do you ask? He asked. Vanessa was looking at me, I started messaging back. ‘Oh no reason’ I read before I pressed send and quickly got a reply,
Oh c'mon don't be like that Rebecca, you can tell me anything I looked at Vanessa then replied
‘Who is this lucky girl you’re into?’ I lowered my phone and looked at Vanessa “Did you message Tyler..?” I croaked.
“No Rebecca..” I let out my breath as she said that “Yet” She grinned
“Vanessaaa!” I barked as she ran out of the bathroom and the bell rang for 1st period. This is going to be a long day I thought, sighed and did a quick mirror check and read Noah's message I had just received. Now that I can’t tell you I read and replied
‘Awwe well i'll see you in Socials’
Looking forward to it He messaged back right away, I smiled to myself as I read his message.

I arrived in Socials class and took a seat near the middle I didn't know anyone in socials, except for Noah. He walked in and his drop dead beautiful brown eyes glanced over everyone in the room and touched down on me, he smiled and walked over. All the girls stopped what they were doing and the room grew silent as soon as he walked in, some nudged their friends, some giggled and a lot stared. He put his book on the desk next to mine “Hey sexy” He teased as he sat down
“Hey Hottie” I replied smiling
“How was your morning beautiful?”
“It was… interesting, what about yours?”
“Why's that?”I asked as I seen the teacher walk in and get settled at his desk.
“Because I knew I’d get to see you, the weekend was torture being away from you for so long.”
I blushed a bit, I and the guys always goof around in different ways like that.
“Oh did the two days kill you?!” I asked sarcastically as I put my hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah!, it did!” We laughed. “Hey, do you have any work?”
“Noah I'm not letting you do my homework again!” I giggled
“No, I just… I was wondering if you wanna go to Starbucks during free period? If you weren't busy..”
He croaked
“Oh, of course, I would..” I looked away
“But” he finished
“But I'd have to see if that's O.K. with Tyler”
“He’s my bro I'm sure he’ll be fine with it!” Noah blurted
“If you say so, but I'm still going to ask”
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