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by Casey
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2132595
Weekly Prompt 4, Choose a Favorite Quote
Challenge for Week 5, # 4 Prompt:(Choose a favorite quote and write about it).

"You must believe a poem is a holy thing_a good poem, that is" (Theodore Roethke)

Word count: 127, Line count: 18

“What is a Holy Poem?”

I'll sing a lofty song like David sung.
He strummed a chord rejoicing in his love.
I'll listen to the doves; their voice is hung
up high , atop the branches, far above.
More wonderful than sound of whip-poor-will?
More heavenly than cooing of a child?
What music's meant to caution: heart be still
as prayerful mantra's hummed a little while.
Respect the guttural , the tone of lark.
In golden silence; I will bend to soul.
I'll listen, more devout, to somber dark
and have my say if only latent droll.
Oh, heart where are the lines that I once heard
that saved me when I was a little bird?

FORM: Shakespearean Sonnet, 14 lines, iambic pentameter, rhyme: abab;cdcd;efef;gg
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