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Agatha has too many moons coming into her visionary orbit. Do any of them mean anything?

Dream of a Purple Moon

Agatha dreamed last night of a million moons. She knew it was crazy, but she needed to find out what it all meant. She regularly experienced vivid visions within the landscape of her sub-conscious mind, but Monday's lunar line-up was particularly crowded. She normally attempted to interpret her dreams by drawing circles around the dream images and inserting arrows around the circles, pointing to a written description of what each one represented in her life.

Trying to draw a million circles, however, was intimidating. The word "infinite" came to mind. She remembered that each one of those myriads of satellites had been of a slightly different hue and so she searched her memory for the one moon that truly stood out for her. Finally, it came to her: it was the purple moon.

"Why a purple moon?" she wondered.

A voice suddenly came into her mind: "It is because you love grapes."

"Grapes?!" Agatha replied, startled, "They aren't really purple...but I do associate that colour with the fruit nonetheless."

As she thought back to her childhood, she remembered going to a vineyard with her mother to see how red wine was created.
The next thought that entered her mind was that red wine was sometimes replaced with grape-juice in the communion ceremonies in various churches.

"Communion," she thought, "with what?"

Agatha was not a church-going person, but she put together the two words that had popped into her mind.

"Aha!" Agatha cried, "I have it!"

Snatching a pen off the shelf, she grabbed the nearest piece of paper and began to write her next inspired work, which would for all time be known as "Communion with the Infinite."

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