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Bull Riding competitor
Marcus Grey - Bull Riding Contestant

Large Animal Vet

         *Bullet*Marcus Grey - most people he knows refer to him as "Breed."
         *Bullet*30 years old
         *Bullet*Currently in Hidalgo County, Texas waiting for the fair to start up
Family History:
         *Bullet*Never new parents just that his father was Comanche and his mother was Irish. Raised in in an orphanage in Montana.
Career aspirations:
         *Bullet*None really. Just follow the rodeo events from state to state to make a few bucks. He has two bulls that he brings with him.
         *Bullet*Half Comanche, half Irish
         *Bullet*Mucus has brown skin, long, jet black hair and brown elongated eyes. His cheek bones are high and prominent. He stands 6' 3" and is very muscular. He weighs approximately 150 pounds. His jaw is not pointed nor squared , but evenly tapered to fit his face. His nose is long and straight. His lips are full. He is not overly handsome but handsome in a rugged sort of way.
         *Bullet*Marcus dresses like a cowboy in blue jeans, long sleeve shirts, boots and cowboy hat. Sometimes he wears his hair in one long pony tail down his back and sometimes two braids, one over each shoulder.
         *Bullet*Winning, money, booze and the ladies
         *Bullet*Having to work to hard for anything.
Physical condition:
         *Bullet*Very strong and muscular
         *Bullet*Never passed the 8th grade.
Socioeconomic background:
         *Bullet*Poor and never well accepted into the community
         *Bullet*Never knew his parents
         *Bullet*None that he knew of.
         *Bullet*Just to go from rodeo to rodeo
Significant Others:
         *Bullet*None but himself - did receive word that he has two teenage daughters but has never seen them.
Emotional Stability:
         *Bullet*Loses his temper very easily especially when he has had too much to drink.
         *Bullet*Thinks nothing of doing what it takes to eliminate competition to put the odds more in his favor.
         *Bullet*Drinks too much
         *Bullet*Mistreats his Bulls
         *Bullet*Foul mouthed
Other Traits:
         *Bullet*Good at Bull riding
Pivotal events in life:
         *Bullet*Meets both daughters in Hidalgo. One competing in Barrel Racing and the other competing in calf roping.
         *Bullet*Meets, fights and gets to know Seth
         *Bullet*Meets Jodie
Favorite foods:
         *Bullet*Hamburgers, canned beans, anything to put in his stomach
Favorite music:
Favorite reading material:
         *Bullet*None - doesn't read much
         *Bullet*Marcus shows a rough and tough personality. He rarely smiles and doesn't like people in general. He is out and appears to care about himself. He does what he needs to do to get by and make a few bucks in the process. He'll use anyone that will let him. If he doesn't have to pay for anything, he won't. Selfish.
Favorite thing to do:
         *Bullet*Win competitions and pick ladies
Comfort level with opposite sex:
         *Bullet*Very comfortable
Things he/she takes pride in:
         *Bullet*Himself only
Things that bother him/her:
         *Bullet*Other people, losing
Things that make him/her laugh:
         *Bullet*Women, winning, booze
Speech patterns:
         *Bullet*Speaks in a low, clear, distinct voice with no accent.

Prose Synopsis of the Central Character:

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