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by Xo
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A good action story.

This life is hell… I’ve always known..


Mr Adams barged into the room angrily.

” Wh-what is it.. dad? ” Elijah replied a little shocked and frightened. You would think after so many years he would be used to his step-dad’s fits of anger by now.

” YOU PISS OF SHIT! YOU DARE ASK ME THAT STUPID QUESTION!?!” Mr Adams flared angrily as he moved closer.

Elijah could read the situation perfectly clear. He could clearly predict what was going to happen next.

“Here it comes.. ”

He said in his head as he watched his step-dad raise his right hand to strike him. This had happened so many times that his movements had become quite slow and predictable from Elijah’s perspective. But even as he watched his hand get closer and closer to his cheek, Elijah remained calm. He could have dodged it easily but instead he braced for impact.

“IMBECILE!! ” Mr Adams hissed as he gave him a resounding slap that reverberated through the room. The slap had enough force to send Elijah flying back to his bed. “I clearly asked you to buy me a liquor from the liquor store on your way back from school yesterday and you defiantly disobeyed!”

“I’m sorry dad, ” Elijah groaned as he slowly got up. ” I actually bought it for you but when I got home you were out. I kept it in your room so you’d see it when you got home. ”

” Liar! ” Adams retorted slapping him again with his backhand. And again Elijah saw it coming but purposely allowed himself to be hit. ” If you really kept it in my room, why can’t I find it huh!?! ” Adams asked removing his belt.

” HONEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ” Elijah’s mother suddenly walked in holding a bottle of alcohol. ” Why do you always find every excuse to hurt this boy? Isn’t this what you are looking for?” she asked while angrily handing the bottle to him. “It was in our room this morning but I took it out of there when I was tidying the place up. Why didn’t you ask me if I had seen it before lashing out on him huh?”

“Whatever! Out of my way!” Mr Adams just stormed out of the room with his bottle of whiskey.

Acting like nothing had happened, Elijah picked up his black tie from the floor and began knotting it while his mom stared at him lost for words.

“It’s OK mom.. He is like that sometimes, ” Elijah looked at his mom almost with a smile.

His expression was more than shocking to his mom. She just couldn’t understand how he could be so calm after experiencing such an ordeal. But then again she had always known that he was never the type to complain and he was cool headed to a fault.

“Baby.. I’m so sorry.. ” She said with teary eyes as she hugged him.

Yes.. This life is hell but for her sake, for my mom’s sake, I could care less about the pain.

..to be continued..

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2132795