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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2132842
Jen and Una are gypsy tow-barge drivers on a semiarid planet. For a 300 word contest.


en leans against a light pole, reading the single sheet of paper in her hand. As her eyes move back and forth across the page, a frown creeps across her face. The frown is replaced by anger as she finishes the page.
         "Mudpuppy! Crack buck toad," she snarls under her breath, then continues out-loud. "Why would Bunnu do this?"
         "Money and a total disregard for our lives," a gravelly voice says from somewhere south of her navel.
         Jen glances down at the light-haired dwarf standing there, nods, and tucks the paper into a pocket. She straightens up and says, "Ok, Una, let's get refueled and recharge the caps then get these cane-toads."

         The pair head out across the almost vacant dirt lot toward a rusting pile of steel, fiberglass, carbon, and luck. The tires are completely bald but the power nacelle is clean and sleek. Jen and Una get into the tow-barge, run through system check before powering up and rolling out of the lot. The tow-barge lifts to 2 meters in the air, the tires fold under the body and they head down the road to the refueling station.

                   12 hours later.



ou look like you lost a fight with a mad bango," the half-elf, sneers at Jen and Una as they step up to his counter.

         "Shut your noise hole, Lu," Jen says, dropping the paper and a blue-yellow disk on the counter in front of him. He reads the page and drops the disk into a slot in the counter. For just a moment a look of respect flashed across his face but was quickly replaced with his usual sneer.
         "450 creds," he says passing a chit across the counter.
         "Not enough," Jen says, taking the chit anyway.
         "Opinion. Duly. Noted." Lu says with mock seriousness.
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