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My Thoughts of Us
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When God Made You

          I don't think it was an accident that we found each other. In this world of constant conflicts and inner battles. What a miracle you are for me. It is with a grateful heart that I have to thank the Lord above for you being the wonderful person that you are. I wonder if you even understand the power of and positive impact that you have brought into my life.

         There are so many questions if I let my mind wander, to our "chance" meeting. For instance, how did He know that everything about you was everything I dreamed of and needed? How did He weave our lives to the point that we met when living states apart. At just the right time and place in our lives that being together just makes sense? If we would have met earlier in our lives, chances are we would not have found ourselves drawn to each other. God's timing is perfect. I do not doubt that it was His timing that orchestrated our meeting as well as every aspect of our relationship

          Nowadays, I find that it is so silly for me to question such things and there were times when I did. That was just me wondering how I could be so blessed when I am so unworthy of any blessings from heaven. Why should I be surprised that Our God who can do anything? Blessed us both with each other. I guess looking at it all; I am not surprised as much as I am in awe with it all. We laugh out loud and call ourselves bookends, even to the point that you are left handed, and I am right.

          I am powerless when it comes understanding how we fit together like puzzle pieces. But we do! As I said before, I thank God for you. Together, we are so robust and able to accomplish so much more than if we were alone. We have commented several times how we can do so much together. Just like we both know that our strength comes from the Lord just as the Bible says. We are so blessed that we can talk to the Lord together and see prayers answered. We may not always understand the answer or at times agree with the answer. But, when that happens we face it together in prayer. How awesome is that? The Bible says that even before we are born, God knows every hair on our head. So when He was making you, He surely must have had me in mind!

          Since God brought us together, my life has changed for the better. My relationship with you is accompanied with a renewed and much, much stronger relationship with the Lord. Each day I see both relationships grow and intertwine in every aspect of my days and nights. What an honor I have in loving you and growing together while we are falling more in love with the Lord. We are not unique in having this opportunity, but we are fortunate in understanding our purpose for God. Using our time well to become closer to God, "for such a times as this..."

          It is not by coincidence that we have come to know each other so well that we can finish each other's sentences. Not only finish each other's sentences but be right on the mark to what the other was about to say. Nor do we now think is it strange to us that sometimes we don't have to say anything at all. When this first started happening, we thought it was weird; now we have come to expect it at times.

          I say that God made us for each other and I mean it. Everyday you are a blessing to me and I love you. If God can spin all things into orbit and make the stars to stay in the sky, then who am I to question why? We are just one in His list of miracles that are too many and impossible to count. So nowadays, I do not wonder anymore how He etched our lives to intertwine in such a way that I do not know where I end and you begin. I now just accept it as the grace of God. I am unworthy of such blessings, and knowing that; I try to live every day showing the Lord how Grateful I am; that in this crazy world that I have you! For I know with all of my heart that God blessed me beyond measure when He made you.

W.C. 760
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