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12-inch single: Extended mix inspired by Stormy's Contest and a little, winged visitor.
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Snowberry Dearwing
Hearts echo
Tremble lilacs in Spring
Season's journey
Past the Columbine,
Day lilies and Lupine
Throbbing hearts
Lace Hollyhock blooms
Ring bells of Foxglove
Field of poppies
To a picnic of love.

Hum Me Home (B-Side)

Hum, flutter
You were so near
Green angel
Vibrant wings
Come back here!
Hum, twitter
Thrust upon my
Vacant heart
Eyes wide with rain
Scan dimmed sky
Hum, mutter,
A Muse to heal
Give me flight
Return breath,
Soft, skin so real
Hum, chitter
Dew on dry tongue
Morning fades
White sun soon burns
What song you've sung?
So near above
Hum -- flutter,
Twitter, mutter
a soul
With wings of love.

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