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Rated: ASR · Interview · Comedy · #2133234
What does it consist of?
Hi, I am Jade Amber Jewel, the interviewer; here with Hazel Brock, the interviewed, and I'm sure the house that we, Hazel and I, are about to describe to you will make you wish that this house was on "Extreme Homes".

"This is Hazel speaking and uh, I don't really have a dream home."

Hazel. You've got to be joking. How could I pull all these different strings just to get you into WDCity and they ask me to ask you what your dream home is, and you don't even know?

"Well, I'm just not as big and bold as you are."

Well what about that bright rainbow hair of yours?

"That's the only big bold thing about me."

So, what kind of house do you want?

"Well, uh. A normal one. Like I said, I'm not as big and bold as you."

You've got to be kidding me.

"Well, lots of houses start out simple!"

Alright, what kind of changes would you make to your house?

"Well… I'd paint the walls rainbow."

You are no help whatsoever. You know what, I'm turning off this recorder.
Okay the light's green so that means we're rolling.

"Hazel's Dream House, Take Two!" *clap*

Hello again. We're back with finding out Hazel's Dream House. I'm Jade Amber, and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before I start eating this table. I'm hungry.

"Do you want me to get you something?"

No Hazel. Stop making excuses to leave. Steve will get me something. Hey Steve! Get me a turkey-cheese 'wich and some coffee, will ya? Alright, thumbs up means food is on the way.

So, Hazel, have you finally figured out what you want your house to be like?

"Well, besides the fact that I want the walls rainbow, I'll have my favorite things scattered everywhere."

So literally, you want a cluttered home?

"I guess."

That's it?

"Yeah, but the clutter would be my favorite things: sports; books; video games and their merch, things like that, you know."

Right. Well, I guess that's it. Thanks for joining us…

"Wait! I've got something to add."

What is it, Hazel?

"I'd have a pool in my backyard and a game room."

Really? Now we're getting places! How would you want this pool?

"Well, like any normal pool, I'd have it filled with water.

And the game room?

"Full of board games and video games, and there'd be a table on one part of the room, for the board games, and a pool table on the other."

Hazel, are you trying to annoy me?


This isn't a trick question, Hazel. Are you, or are you not, trying to annoy me?

"Well… Yeah."

That's it. I am done! I am not going to interview this… devil of a girl anymore!

"Well I didn't want to be interviewed anyway, thank you!"

Fine! If that's the way you want it, I'll throw this trashy interview into the fire! Where's that off button?
Hello again. This is Jade Amber, coming to you, a-gain, with an INTERVIEW WITH THIS DEVIL OF A GIRL!

"I am not a devil! I just don't like you!"

And I don't like you either! If I could, I wouldn't be talking to you still!

"I have an idea, how about Bryan reads about my dream home? I've written it down."

Alright fine, as long as I don't have to be anywhere near you. *squeak*

*squeak* "Alright Bryan, just come over here and sit in this chair."

"Uh, okay, uh, Hazel. Uh, testing, testing, one, two, three!" *SCREECH*

"Bryan, the mic's been working the whole time. Just read what I wrote."

"Um, uh, okay. Uh, 'Hazel's Dream Home'. Uh, 'Hazel's Dream Home would consist of a pool, a game room and all of her things scattered to and fro.' Uh, that's it."

Seriously Hazel, you couldn't think of anything more?

"That's all that I want, okay?"

Alright, fine. Thanks Bryan. *squeak* … *squeak* *ahem* Well, I guess that's it. This is Jade Amber, signing off. Finally.
"Hey, this is Hazel, giving you more details about my home.

Now, the reason why I'm so secretive about this, is because I don't want to be interviewed by Jade again. Don't ask why, I don't want to go into details.

The gaming room, I was thinking about having all sorts of video game memorabilia everywhere: two arcade style games, Pac-man and Frogger; a gaming computer, complete with a gaming headset; an Xbox hooked up to the gaming computer—and the reason why I'd have the computer is so I could not only play games on the Xbox, but also games on the internet—; shelves so I can put memorabilia on them, posters and posters of video games, and possibly movies; two beanie bags, so I can play my Xbox with a friend; and blue and black painted walls.

For my bedroom, I kinda want it like the gaming room, but instead of gaming memorabilia, it'd be things that I like, memorabilia from those things. And of course a bed and a desk, so I can write and do my homework there. And red and white walls instead of blue and black.

Bathroom, teal and white walls, kind of beach-y; kitchen, brown walls, just a normal everyday kitchen, same with the dining room.

Living room, all the memorabilia that we can't fit in my bedroom and gaming room, put it there. A nice comfy couch with a big screen T.V. A coffee table on both sides and in front and bookshelves full with books.

In the backyard, there would be a pool next to the roof, and a ladder that would lead to the roof, so you could jump off the roof into the water; and a big trampoline, but it wouldn't be heavy, so you could easily drag it to the pool if you want to have the equivalent of a diving board.

Well, I think that's it. This is Hazel, signing out."

Jade Amber     Hazel     Bryan     Behind the scenes team.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2133234