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Look through these facts, maybe you will find an answer you have been looking for?
How long can we last without sleep?

You may think you can't even last a day without sleep! We all need our beauty sleep am I right ladies? Actually, You can last at least 18 days! Before unfortunately you may pass away. It seems HORRIFYING That you may die from not sleeping, it may take a while though and maybe even not die! Just severe affects from no sleep. if I were you I would have passed out long before then anyways. The longest record for not sleeping is 18 days and 40 minutes before they experienced hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech and memory and concentration lapses. I know right! I can't even imagine not sleeping for a whole 2 weeks and even more.

Why do we need our sleep?

We humans need our sleep to help our memory and our ability to learn, If we haven't slept in a long time we may forget a thing or two because our brain is getting tired of being awake. We also need sleep to help the body recuperate and help our metabolism. If we do not sleep it could affect our growth and development. So, the moral of the story is you better go to sleep kids or there will be bad things heading your way!

How many hours can we stay awake for before suffering through the affects?

If you have not slept in over 26 hours then you may start to develop short term memory loss and start to hallucinate, You may also have trouble recalling things that happened recently and lose your co-ordination and you will be off balance and not very sure of everything going on around you. Imagine, yourself in that shoes. What would you do if you were going through these affects of being awake too long? Would you stay awake to see what happens? Or try go to sleep straight away?

Things that may help improve your sleeping!

Mainly, try to avoid Caffeine, Alcohol or any Other Chemicals that may affect your sleeping patterns. All this does is make our body feel more awake, try not to use them 4-6 hours before bed for a perfect sleep! Next tip is do not go to sleep if you are not truly tired. If you aren't asleep in about 20 minutes or so, try getting out of bed and reading a book or listening to music. Something to help you relax and make you feel calmer. Then once your tired enough try go back to sleep again. Also, don't be one of those night time clock watchers. Don't just lie there staring at your clock, it isn't going to go any faster staring at it! It just causes more stress try not to look at it otherwise turn the clock the other way round not facing towards you.

Thanks so much for reading this small article about your sleeping! I hope you learned something from this and this makes it better for you to sleep at nights! I know its definitely helped me! If you didn't learn anything still a great big thanks for reading anyway! x

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