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by Dr. D
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2133282
The Black Legions were unbeatable but now they may have found something they cannot defeat
The Blue Mist.
Sarah cowered behind the log, her breath coming in gasps. Her knife, which was still in her hand, had bits of flesh and the blue blood of the creatures she had just fought. Three of her companions were dead and one was missing perhaps also killed. She herself had just barely escaped. The five of them were sent on a patrol of the Western mountain valleys as there were reports of a Targ incursion from the other side. Targs would not have been a problem for them as they were seasoned veterans but whatever this was that came out of the blue mist was otherworldly and vicious. They had started out the week before with a typical team. Sintal was their captain, a veteran of the Miscal wars up north and a leader one would follow anywhere. Gimtak was the scout and specialist in improvising intricate traps with just snattle string and whatever materials nature provided. Britta, who was just called DW for death wish, was a close combat expert and tracker. Jimmy was the telepath that keep us in communication with each other and the main base. Sarah was thinking of them and shaking her head. She was supposed to be a weapons expert but she had not been prepared for what had happened. She kept trying to make sense of it all. About an hour ago they were preparing their lunch around a simple campfire. When Jimmy had gone out to relieve himself he had come back he said we should see this blue mist coming down the valley. They could see it in the distance but Sarah went back to sharpening her ankle knife, as only things that she could eat or stab had any interest for her. Jimmy starting walking towards it and Captain Sintal and DW followed close behind. When they had gotten close Jimmy, the telepath, started screaming in agony and dropped to his knees holding his head. Almost immediately he broadcasted his pain involuntarily which sent extreme pain to the heads of all the team leaving them temporarily incapacitated. It was then that the creatures came out of the fog, humanoid and but with skin like a bullfrog, green and brown with hardened bumps all over. They were very quick and the first ones threw a net over DW and a three attacked the captain. Then a larger one came out and ran his sword through Jimmy and the pain in their heads stopped. Gimtak and Sarah went to help the others and many more creatures were coming out. The creatures were fast and the captain did not have time to draw his sword. He disabled one and got its weapon but by that time a sword had gotten him in his back. DW was screaming as apparently the net had some sort of acid or poison on it leaving red welts. The first creatures that had come to Gimtak and Sarah went down fast but there were so many now coming to them. DW yelled at them to leave and tell the March Wardens. By the time Sarah had killed three she glanced at Gimtak and he nodded to her and she knew that they would run now and in different directions. For the last half hour Sarah had run and avoided the creatures, even running down a stream in case they could hunt by smell.
Now that Sarah had caught her breath, she squinted her eyes to hold back the tears. Her team in just moments decimated from an enemy that they never even knew existed. She thought about circling back to see if Gimtak had made it but she knew that it was far more important to get this information to the commanders. She was three days away but she could do it in a day if she did not stop and cut through the edge of Whistlers swamp. Most could not get through the ever-changing ground of the swamps but she had been raised in the area and knew paths that most did not. She would survive and warn the others and when she returned to the mountain the she would wreck vengeance on these creatures. If they wanted a war they will find that the Dark Legions will not rest until all of their spawn are removed from their lands.
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