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This is the story of Steve and his family who find a cursed lamp."
My name is Steve I am a father of a son his name is Mark. My wife her name is Debrah and I have a story to tell yeah it's about a cursed lamp. Oh yes and I remember it like it was yesterday. We were at a lamp store trying to decide on a few lamps to put in our home before a party we were going to have. I walked around the store with my wife. "How about that lamp?" She said pointing to a ember based lamp. It was beautiful but I new from its beauty that it would be too expensive. I said "Yes I like it how much?" The store keeper walked up to us."
That lamp is about $500." "Dang that's expensive." I said. My wife walked away from it. "You want a lamp cheap right?" She asked us. "Yes." We replied back. She then said "Follow me." We followed her to the back of the store and to a staircase. She started to walk down. We followed her into the darkened basement.
She turned on a switch and some light hit the basement. We could now see the store had much more than lamps there were antiques. Tv's,coffins,couches,beds everything you could imagine. She stopped at a lamp it was Red and green and had little skulls on it and a few words were written. "It's perfect." Debrah said. I looked at it. "I agree it would match the color in our family room and the skulls are a nice touch. But what are those words?" "It's Chinese I can't read it I'm sorry." The shop keeper said.
I picked the lamp up. "How much?" "$50" deal I said handing her some money. We all walked back up the stairs and back into the store. We were about to leave when the women said to us "Hope you like the lamp." We do we said. We got into our 2011 Subaru and drove back home. We lived about ten minutes from the store. "Thank you." Debrah said. I said your welcome.
And we walked inside our house with the lamp. And she set it down on the counter in the living room where it matched the room. "Beautiful." She said. I went outside to make sure the tents were still up for the party. The lamp had six skulls on it. The phone rang. It was our son Mark. "Hello mark" can't wait to see you tomorrow." He said "that's why I am calling you I can't come I have a test to study for and take tomorrow sorry" and he hung up. Debrah put the phone down "darn I really wanted him to come I wish he didn't have to take a test." Without realizing it a skull disappeared from the lamp.
About ten minutes later I got a call from Mark. "you'll never believe it the test got cancelled our teacher was involved in some accident where he will be absent for several days." "Sorry to hear that." Debrah said. "Means I can come to the party." Debrah looked at the lamp and smiled. That night our dog who had recently had stomach issues we had taken him to several vets. He is a German Shepard.

The vets tell us there is something wrong with his intestines and that with a proper surgery we could help him,But we don't have enough money sadly. That night he was moaning in pain. Both of us got up in the middle of the night and walked over to him. We both cuddled with him. I said "I wish your problems would all just go away." "Me too." I said to Debrah."all we can do is be here for him." The next morning.
Steve My husband ran to me "Debrah our dog! It's a miracle!" What? I asked. I ran after him our dog was walking around jumping and eating good as if his problems had all disappeared. One more skull was removed from the lamp. We were amazed and with the party coming today thankful. I checked the weather it was supposed to rain all day. "Crap it's going to rain all day on our party." "Oh no" Debrah said looking at the forecast. Maybe it won't. Yeah it will. Steve says. "I better go look at the tents." He goes outside. "I wish it wouldn't rain." Debrah said.
Another skull disappeared from the lamp. Steve came back inside "in loosing it it is sunny out now." He said. I looked up. And back Steve was staring at the lamp. "What's wrong?" There used to be 6 skulls now there are three." "Oh wow!" Debrah said. "I wish we knew what those words meant." Steve said. Now we both saw it another skull disappeared. "What the?" Steve said. We heard the doorbell ring and a man handed us a paper.
That read " Chinese psychic 4:pm". We figured our party wasn't until 6:00 pm tonight. And it was around 3:30 so we grabbed our lamp and got in the car and drove to the psychic. We got there around 4. And walked into the store. The women had a crystal ball in her hands and long dreadlocks she smiled and said "I see you want a fortune." "No we were actually wondering if you could help us with reading something?" "Why yes of course." She said. Debrah showed her the lamp. "She dropped her Crystal ball it shattered to pieces. "Get that lmao out of here Get it Out!!!" She started to shout. Debrah Ran out of the store with the lamp. The women was shacking. "What's wrong? Tell us please!" I said.
After a few minutes the women said "that lamp is cursed by a family from generations ago. They had bad luck all of them. So they went out and tried to help people to have good juju but it didn't work. So they bought that lamp
And met a women psychic and put a curse on it. They did this back in the 1800's yes the lamp survived all this time somehow. "You mean our lamp is from the 1800's?" "Yes but you are forgetting it is cursed it's said that the Six skulls represent the family who owned it and each one grants a wish anything your heart desires and it's yours.
But bad things will happen once you use all the wishes. The spirit of the family will come out for good and cast you and your family into the lamp and you will be stuck in it until the next family discovers that lamp and makes wishes. how
Many wishes are left?" "Two I said." Ok you need to get rid of it now!" "How I asked?" "You need to set it on fire and bury it fifteen feet below and not anywhere near your home and most importantly the spirits will try to stop you once you do this so it's very important you and your wife don't think about the lamp once it's buried or else. "Ok we will bury it at a graveyard. I said. Right know. I have a shovel you may borrow.
The women says. "Thank you." I say to her and run to the car. "I wish he'd hurry up." Debrah said. As another skull disappeared. I somehow stared to run faster and got to the car. "Did you make another wish?" Yes. Debrah said. Shit you can't make any more we have to bury this right know. "What why?" Its cursed a family are granting these wishes and after the last wish we get trapped inside the lamp for good until the next family finds us and makes wishes." "Your crazy." Well were doing it. I say. As we drive down to the nearest graveyard. We get there. Steve runs outside and starts to dig. I gab the lamp.
The graveyard starts to get dark and eerie as we hear screams "You won't stop us" "make the last wish" "Don't make any wishes" I tell too Debrah. As the ground starts to shake. "Your dead son. "We'll kill
Your Dog! We will make it rain!" The spirits say. Hurry!" I yell at Steve. As he finishes he grabs a lighter and says throw it to me. Debrah throws the lamp and Steve sets it on fire and throws it in the grave. 15 feet. And they both start to burry it and once there finished they both take a sigh of relief. And a few minutes they get up. " almost party
Time." Steve says as we drive home. Glad that is over." Debrah says. We get home Mark was outside. He was holding something in his hand. Steve got goosebumps. Mark was holding the lamp. "Hey guys this lamp is sick "I wish I had one." "NOO!!" Steve screamed and grabbed the lamp and threw it on the concrete sidewalk. It broke into a million pieces.
"Why did you do that?" Mark asked. "Were screwed." Steve said. Where did you find this?" "On the table." Mark said. Steve then remembered the psychic said not to think about the lamp after you burry it." I forgot to tell Debrah. "Tell me what?" "The psychic said not to mention the lamp after it got buried." The ground started to shake and to our surprise a six people shot out of the ground all had wrapped close and sharp nails and looked like they had been trapped inside something for years. "Finally we are out!!!" One of them said and looked at us.
We are going to make sure No one ever finds this Lamp again! But first it's your turn to be trapped inside its curse." "No please!" Debrah pleaded. The women laughed and the lamp started to glow. I can't explain what happened next but Steve,Debrah,Mark and there dog all started to levitate and flew directly into the Lamp. The man then put the Lamp into a box and chained it shut and put it in the attic of the house. "Ding dong" the family answered the door as about fifty to a hundred people showed up. "Steve is that you? You look different." One of the party guests said. "Oh it's me I haven't showered yet is all I have been pretty busy." He said laughing. As The real Steve,Debrah and Mark were trapped inside the cursed lamp forever. And now the previous family are pretending to be them.

The end.
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