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A poem about finding self worth in the face of adversity even if no one knows
My parents tell me to reach for the sky
The stars are my goal
I follow their wishes and reach upwards
My hands outstretched high
But my reach comes to a standstill

The man on the moon has thwarted me
He has stopped my hands
Has made them fall back down to Earth
It makes my confidence shake
Changes the way I look at the sky

My parents don't realize I have been hindered
They push me back towards the sky
But they don't realize my fears
Or the pain of failing
They don't see me fall back down

The man on the moon laughs at me
Makes me think that no one cares
No one sees him
As he pushes me down
They tell me I can do better

The man on the moon turns the light from me
He pulls my siblings up
As he pushes me down
Shows my parents their high reach
And hides my fall

My friends talk about their dreams
I laugh as they joke about their fears
They don't see the man on the moon laugh at me
As he taunts me about their every growing reach
And my ever consuming defeat

I try and try again
My hands don't make it to the stars
They slam down in my face
Showing me my dreams can't happen
As long as he is in charge

The man on the moon has won
I have let him run my life
I don't know how to get away
I can't get away
His laugh still echoes in my ears

"Pitiful" he tells me
As my hands fall once more
But I try again
And again
Gaining more confidence as I go

I will overcome
I will beat him
He will not run my life
My dreams will be accomplished
No matter if no one notices
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