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Detox/withdrawal from Oxycodone
18. Goosepimple Bone

I felt it. Accurate description. I felt goosebumps on my bones from my skull cap, down my neck, and into my shoulders. That's what John Lennon meant in his song, with the Plastic Ono Band. He was talking about heroin. I'm passing my second day without the pills the doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain--Oxycodone and Percocet.

The pain doctor gave me more than was necessary. I had Talwin and a Fentanyl patch from my previous doctor. I've had back pain for ten years, but no doctor ever prescribed Oxycodone. I had been without a pain doctor for a year. No pain doctors would touch me--a bipolar with a history of drug use. Neither "diagnosis" decreased my pain, or made me feel okay about experiencing it. The pain came from years of over-using my back. When a woman is nearly six feet, she weakens her back from doing what is expected of her in the moment, or, I did: file cabinets, large dogs, furniture. Back pain happens. The hit-and-run rear-end accident didn't help matters either. That's when the pain became intolerable.

I was thinking about looking for street heroin, I was in such daily pain without a doctor to help me. Everything I had heard about heroin made me think it would take the pain away. If it didn't, a big enough shot would kill me. The pain would be over. I just wanted the pain to be over.

Then Dr. J.G. in Dallas, Texas agreed to see me. He took over the practice of a doctor who was good, professional, and kind, but expensive. The name of the clinic is Pain Care Options. This that you are reading is true, what happened to me. He tampered with my patient history and lab reports. I can prove it under oath if I were to be sued for slander. It's not slander. It's what happened to me.

"Take four every day. If you need two at the start of the day, that's fine."

The prescription was written for every six hours--not as needed, I should have known then. I was only taking three a day when the bottle became low. I doubt that helped much with my doctor-initiated addiction.

more to come....

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