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I stay up too late, and maybe think a little bit too much
The End Of Means?

Does the end justify the means? The age old question, that you almost certainly will confront at one point or another. Almost everyday when you think about it. Little things., like, is having a slurpee worth the ever present brain freeze? And bigger things, like Is going to the store and spending  money on junk food really worth not paying the bills? Does the end in that situation, satisfied taste buds, worth the means of having a unsatisfied landlord? Is the pleasure of having an affair, really worth the means of a destroyed marriage? Is starting a war, to free a enslaved country, really worth all the death and destruction sure to follow? Or is it really that simple?

See, many people view the quote as a road. . Point A on one end, point B on the other. And then they come to conclusions about, is the journey from A to B, really worth what B has to offer. There is one serious problem with that ideology, How many roads have you seen that do not have some sort of intersecting path? Taking a journey is not as simple as going from one point to another, for every action, there is a consequence. You will affect certain things on your journey through life, which in turn, will lead to more things being affected, on and on until you have one massive cycle of the butterfly effect. But you were only able to cause all these different things to happen because some other event made you be there, doing whatever you were doing, at that time. A huge neverending event spiral.

Now, if what i said is true, which it is, how could we ever calculate if the end does justify the means? In a never ending cycle of there being no end, does it even matter. Does anything mean anything?

No. No matter what you do, what you say, what you think, you are nothing but a momentary spec inside of momentary spec. Momentary speception, if you will. This does not mean however, that we should not care. Because if nothing matters, why shouldn't we?
I hate to be one of those glass half full people but, when you think about it, it should encourage you.. If what you do, does not matter, you will never find a reason NOT, to do the right thing,

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