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Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2133670
Many have requested to know what happens next so here
The rocket bound past the lifetimes of darkness as it rocketed across the stars i looked behind me and saw Earth fading behind me.The place I had fought against the forces of greenhouse gases and global warming.This battle I had lost but in the next planet on which I would reach alive i would not let the same forces overcome me. I was a scientist whose job it was to develop and use technology to protect the planet-I had failed I'm my duty.I might have lost the battle but I have not lost the war. I turned back around and this time I saw a new horizon arise for a better,brighter future.

A couple hundred light years away I saw a temporary stop and the rockets sickening speed slowed to a stop.My crew of scientists followed as thousands of ships followed.The elderly had been left behind: so had the weakest and the least fit.Survival of the fittest had taken its course through a different form of evolution.Soon the measures that my crew had designed kicked into action.Great,big brick tents easy to set up.These were all covered in a gigantic MoonBag(that altered to the small amount o gravity of the moon so as not to build density.

Sleep came quickly to my drowning eyes but I was awoken from my luxurious comforting sleep by a low constant wail:the alarm-that meant intruders.Dark shadows crept through our territory instantly turning into humane-like reptilian creatures with diamond green eyes,pale skin and fangs oozing with blood.With a shudder I realised the beliefs of the most gullible had come true.In every way these were vampires but we had not brought any garlic on the trip. 6 of them entered my tent throwing out my supplies.They cornered me,lunged and sinking their fangs into my chest began to drink...

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2133670-Earth-20-chapter-2