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by AME
Rated: E · Short Story · Young Adult · #2133723
Looking at the stars and thinking of him...
         Night was her favourite time of the day. When she made her way past a hectic day of work, when almost everyone was already in bed, when the city was quiet except for the occasional sounds of a vehicle rumbling past or the scuffle of a catfight that broke out in a street somewhere, when the dark sky was decorated with lights from buildings where people like her were enjoying the nightlife.
         Living in the city, she never got to experience the view of a night sky full of stars. The most she would usually see was a few stars scattered in the vast sky, blinking in and out of existence. Standing on the tiny balcony of her quaint little apartment, she had often wondered how a sky filled with countless stars would look like. She dreamt of going away, away from here where she would be able to stare at a sky that was filled, with no empty spaces left.
         And now, here she was.
         On this particular night, far, far away from home, she sat on a beach. Lulled by the comforting sounds of the waves slapping against the sand, she gazed up at the sky full of stars with a sense of satisfaction so fulfilling that it drew a genuine smile onto her face, her first one in a long, long time.
         Amidst the peace and quiet of everything, she couldn't help but wonder about him. Is he looking at the same stars that I am? she wondered, with a tinge of melancholy. Would his view be as magnificent as mine?
         It's been such a long time.
         As these thoughts continued to float around in her head, the stars continued to shine, illuminating the vast, dark sky.

Word count: 290 words
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