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How people feel when their ideas get shut down.
I sit and listen to you speak
Not asking me my opinion
Or if I want to try
But I do talk back

I say it in my head
For I've been taught to bite my tongue
Not say what's in my head
Because I don't want to be you

You with your ability to be kind
To all your friends but me
Make jokes
But at my expense

I don't know why
I don't know what I did
But I just listen
And try not to cry

Your voice echoes in my ear
When she rants you agree
When I do I'm wrong
One misinterpreted word and I'm shut up

I'm sorry for trying to have an opinion
I'm sorry for speaking my mind
I'll keep it inside
I won't let it out

Since I don't say it
I just say it inside
My head is my therapist
Since I have to be yours

I'm not singling you out
I'm mixing you with others
Others who have done this
So don't think your special

You didn't let me think that
So don't give yourself the accomplishment
Of ruining my high school life
Though yours stung most of all
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