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An attempt to inspire you with the little things
So very often the wrong questions are asked. So very often the right questions remain unanswered. The truth is a voyage, the voyage of humanity. We’re all after the same answers to the same questions and ultimately you don’t find the answer until it’s just too late to matter.

We’re all rushing. Life has become an existence that’s only accountable by social media and Instagram pictures and lifeless posts about highlights that we think amount to everything. Days are just days that turn into weeks and months and years, and before we know it everything has blended.

Vanilla - I’ve always been afraid of vanilla. Of being that person that blends into the background. I always wanted life to be extraordinary. Truly extraordinary. And I soon found that all you have to do to make it extraordinary is to embrace the differences between us all and to embrace the little things that so many seem to think don’t matter. I spend a lot of time heightening the differences, making myself feel and seem different to everyone else. I also spend a lot of time noticing the little things. Human interactions, natural phenomenons, nature and it’s intricacies and tiny, tiny details. All incredible things, all things that make daily life seem so much more than the same breakfast every day, the same commute, the same conversations.

No more of the same. Lets put a stop to the endless duplication of days. What happened yesterday that stands out from today? What were you grateful for? What did you see? Life is so full, blossoming and blooming with wonderful things and yet we spend each day looking at the same lines, jealous of the same moments, dreaming of a freedom we cannot grasp. But if you were to take a moment every day - stand in the rain, surround yourself by the unfamiliar, try something new, buy a different sandwich - you’d soon realise life has so much more to offer. It may even just inspire you, and who doesn’t want to feel inspired.
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