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All creatures seek a common bond...a friend and sometimes polar opposites attract
MJ Fantasy Monster

Michael Jackson was sitting on a hill
looking over his icy domain below. He
did this a lot for you see Michael was
a dreamer. He wished things were different
for him and his family. The truth was
that they always had to hide from the
outside world. See people in the outside
world feared them, feared him. Michael
wanted a friend and tried to be friendly
but you see, when you are a Yeti you're
not human but you aren't quite an animal
either. Science wants to study you. Humans
want to hunt you becausse they feared
you. So what was Michael to do but hide
like his family and the other Yeti's
of Tibet.

Michael loved the land, lived off the
land. He and his family never ate or
took more from the land than what they
needed to survive. The Yeti were one
with the land and with mother nature.
They could survive in many climates but
chose Tibet because of it's cold mountain
ranges which kept them cool but also
kept hunters away. Thus allowing Michael
and his family to flourish and thrive.

This had always been the way since Michael
was a youngling Yeti. Many years ago of
course. See the Yeti live for a very long
time and Michael is no different. He's
forty years old but for the Yeti clan that
is still very young. Most Yeti live to be
over a hundred and twenty five years old.
Sometimes longer.

Things have begun to change for Michael
and the Yeti clans. See, humans were
pushing farther and farther into their
natural territory. Places that only a
short ten years ago were still too harsh
in temperatures and climate in general.
Nothing grows in their land but wild brush
and trees. Things that to humans would
be poisonous but to the Yeti are their
basic of food sources.

Michael desided to go for a walk.
He smelled the sweetest of smells
and was curious. The ecent was
calling to his senses. The closer
he drew Michael knew he was risking
getting caught or killed. To be seen
meant certain death for him and the
others if a hunter decided to pur-
sue them. But Michael was inquisitive
by nature and that sometimes led
him into trouble situations. As it
is people believed the Yeti like
Big Foot their cousins monsters.
They weren't but when you've been
chased, hurt, shot at and killed
it does tend to make one angry
and somewhat agressive. Michael
on the other hand no matter how
he tried could never be angry
or mean. It wasn't his nature.

Michael silently drew closer to
the smell. It was someone cooking
food or something on an open fire.
Michael seen a small child there
and thought maybe he could be
friends with him. Michael meant
him no harm. Quietly Michael moved

Michael grunted gutrial sounds to
communicate because he could not
speak any other way for a Yeti.
The child seen him and ran off.
Michael raised his arm and tried
to grunt his protest not to go.
But the child did. He was screaming
for his mother and father. Michael
knew it was time to go. With a
heavy heart and his head hung low
Michael quickly left the area.

Day after day he got the same
reactions from other human who
had ventured into the hills
and mountainous area's of Tibet.
This made Michael very sad.

There was a stream and Michael
went to sit by the rocks often
to think. His mother had seen
him and came up next to him.
Grunting to communicate she asked
"Michael why do you sit here all
alone. Your brothers and friends
await you in the hills. They're
playing that silly human game
again. Hide and what?" "Seek,
mother." Michael said but kept
his head bowed. "I don't want
to play. I...I want a friend.
Human friend. But they always
run from me. I won't hurt them.
I...I...." Michael just stopped
talking. "I know baby but they
don't know that. To them, we
are monsters. We are mean and
evil and dangerous. Maybe one
day the human world's science
will understand better about
us." She looks at Michael. "But
until that time, Michael my
son you must be very careful."
"Yes, mother." He said quietly.
Katherine went back up into
the hills she was making them
food. Michael sat and cried.

He cried for hours it seems.
Michael never heard anyone
coming. Usually he does and
runs or hides but today his
own heart was so heavy that
he heard nothing but the sounds
of his tears.

"Why are you so sad?" Michael
heard the voice. It was a soft
human voice. He didn't dare
move. The voice was louder
because the young child had
moved closer to Michael. But
Michael kept sobbing. "Don't
cry. It's not that bad." Mich-
ael nodded and tried to speak
the human language but it was
more squeaks and grunts and
gutural sounds. "I just want
a friend is all. I won't hurt
anyone. I want a human friend."
Michael looks over at the young
child. She looks at Michael.

At first she thought maybe
it's not a good idea for her
to be there. The girl knew
there could be many more around
but her curiosity got the best
of her. "I'm called Akeena
Siam." Michael grunted. He
sort of understood enough to
know the girl just told him
her name. "Ake....ena.." He
grunted. She smiled. Akeena
was eight years old and wise
beyond her years. Her parents
often told her so. "That's
right. She nodded. Pointing
at Michael. "Who are you?"
Michael grunts. In their lang-
uage his name sounds like
Akeena didn't quite understand
because it was grunts and
noise that's unfamiliar to
her ears. "I'll call you
Michael. It's easier for me
to understand and say. Okay?"
Michael nods. Akeena wipes
the tears from Michael's face.
"Come Michael let's play."
Michael wanted that so badly.
He looks at her. "Don't worry.
I'm not going to hurt you and
I won't let my parents hurt
you either. You're my friend
Michael. Come..." Akeena took
his hand and they walked and
played in the grassy areas
and then slid down the snow
covered hillsides. Both giggled.
Akeena could tell Michael was
happy and laughing the sounds
were almost human when he laughed.

This went on for many days. One
day Michael was at their usual
meeting spot. He had picked wild
flowers for Akeena. Akeena had
left to go play with Michael
like always. She didn't realize
her mother had followed her not
far behind. She was curious as
to where her eight year old daugh-
ter would disappear for hours
every day and who this Michael

"Michael!" Akeena walked up to
him and hugged him. Michael handed
her the wild flowers. She took
them and said thank you. Michael
was grunting his usual light tone
trying to tell her that he wanted
to go swimming and if she wanted
to come. Akeena wasn't sure what
he was saying. "Can you show me?"
Michael nods. He gets a stick and
was drawing the water. The river
in the sand when...


Akeena looks around. Michael looks
up. Both are startled by the sudden

stood her ground. She wasn't afraid
at all but Michael knew the tone and
stepped back away from Akeena to show
he meant no harm. Akeena's mother
was so scared and frantic she grabbed
her daughters hand and pulled her so
fast away. "Michael!! No mommy!! No!!
Michael!! I want to stay with Michael!!
He won't hurt me!! If he was going to
don't you think he would have already?!"
"Let's go!! Hurry baby!! Hurry!! Then
Akeena was gone.

Michael was so sad. He could hear
Akeena crying trying to explain
to her mother but she was so fear-
ful for her daughter she didn't
want to listen to anything. Michael
walked away from the area saddened
his friend Akeena was gone.

Weeks went by. His family and
friends noticed Michael's in-
tense sadness and felt so bad
for him. None of them knew how
to help him. To cheer Michael
up. They didn't understand his
need or want of a human friend.
All of them feared it could
lead to trouble. Certain death
if caught by a hunter's bullet.

It had been over two months
since Michael had seen his
friend Akeena. He had not
been eating well or sleeping
well. Michael cried a lot from
loneliness. Katherine and Joseph
were worried for their son. But
he was an adult so there was
not much they could do. Michael
had to make his own way in this

Michael went walking through the
hills as he had on many occasions
to clear his head and enjoy the
wonders of the world around him.
He heard a scream in the distance
and then he heard a cry for their
mother. The voice was music to
his ears. But she was in distress.
This worried Michael. It was fear
for his friend that drove him and
made him risk his own life to be
there to help his friend.




A pack of Tibetian Timber Wolves
had surrounded Akeena. Her mother
had just arrived when Michael did.
He went charging in there and was
fighting with the wolves to save
Akeena. Akeena's own mother tried
to get her out of there. Akeena was
crying. She'd been cut when she fell
trying to get away. So the wolves
were in a frenzy over the smell of
the blood and food prospect.

Michael was trying to save her.
He fought with the wolves. Two
had broke off and had gone after
Akeena and her mother.



Michael had gotten the wolves to
back run away. The two that were
attacking Akeena and her mother
never knew what happened. Michael
got them and threw them far off and
they yelped with the landing.

Michael was bloodied himself and
had cuts and bites from the fight
with the wolves. Akeena's mom had
fallen and twisted her ankle. Michael
approached them. "No!! Oh god!! No!!
Somebody help us!" She cried. Michael
picked her up carefully and carried
her in his arm holding her so she
wouldn't be hurt more and then reached
out and took Akeena propping her up
on his back like a piggy back ride.

Her mother fought Michael at first
fearing certain death. But when
Michael continued to their home
and was gentle with them both. She
stopped screaming and crying. Her
struggles to get away ceased. Michael
risked all to make sure that his friend
Akeena and her mother were home safe
from the Timber wolves.

Putting them down at their homes door
Michael then turned to leave. Akeena
hugged Michael and Michael hugged her.
"Michael you're hurt too!" Michael
just bowed his head. "Mommy we can't
let him just go away. He's hurt! He
save us!! Michael risked his life to
save us!!" Akeen a had tears in her
eyes. Her mother looks at her and then
at Michael. "No, you are right my angel.
Go get the first aid bag. We will try
to help Michael." She was still scared
but she couldn't just send him away and
Michael did save them.

Akeena came running back with the first
aid bag and her mother started to treat
Michael's wounds. Some were pretty deep
but she did what she could. Michael did
grunt in pain and pull away a bit when
she tried to stitch a few of the deeper
wounds. "Michael mommy said they will
get infected if they don't get sown up."
He didn't understand her. So she made
the motions with her hand to explain the
importance of the stitches. Michael nods
and grunts.

When Akeena's mother was through. She
looked at Akeena. "Thank you Michael."
Michael hugged her. Patted her head in
their Yeti way and then started to leave.
"Michael?" Akeena's mother called after
him. Michael stopped and looked at her.
Grunts guttorially. "You can come any-
time you want to visit with Akeena okay?"
Michael rubs his chin trying to process
the human words. Then he goes in his
best imitation of human language. "Oo..
ka...y..." Both Akeena and her mother
gasp then giggle. "You spoke Michael!
YOU SPOKE!!" Akeena was happy she hugged
her friend Michael.

When Michael left to go back home to
his hillside domain in the snowy area
of the Tibetian mountains he left with
a happy heart and gait about his walk.
Michael was a very happy Yeti indeed.
He had the human friend he'd always dreamed
of and longed for. Michael had the best
of both worlds. Freedom, nature, the
wonders and beauty of his icy and grassy
domains and now a human friend to share
it with.

Michael Jackson was born a Yeti and lived
in the mountains of Tibet, but...like all
Yeti's, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Michael Jackson
was not human nor animal he was a hybrid
of both species. However the one thing that
Michael Jackson was not nor had he ever
been a....


The End....
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