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Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2133814
There's love at the end of this pot of gold or is there?
MJ Fantasy Lucky Charm's

"Hey Michael! You still got you're pot of gold do ya?!" "I do! An' I won't be tellin'
the likes o' you Peter!" The men laugh. "What about that lass in the library? We be
seeing you smiling goofily at her." Shane giggled. "Aww... She don't be likin' me!
She be a pretty lass at that but I be thinkin' she has a beau already. I caught her
a time or two with a far off look in her eyes." "Ah man! Michael! Don't you be knowin'
anything? That far off look is for you my boy!" "Ha! And angels be flyin' from outta
yur arse to McFadden ol' boy-o!!" This made everyone laugh heartily. The men continued
to drink their ale and carry on.

Michael however was only half listening. He really wanted love. Someone to love him
and see him. Not to covet his pot o' gold or anything else. But who would truly love
a leprechaun. They're supposed to short, ugly, evil creatures. Creatures of myth and
legends. To be feared and loathed. Only two good things come out of them. Three wishes
and their pot of gold. A leprechaun don't deserve, love, happiness. Michael's heart
hurt over knowing this. But what can he do? It is what it is. Michael was six hundred
years old but didn't look a day over thirty five. That was a lucky break for him. He's
seen lots of people come and go. Many changes to the world and lots of his friends
have come and gone because they were captured and killed by Irishmen who were quick
enough, smart enough and just very lucky.

"Good night Michael ol' boy! Goin' to me home now. 'ave a little lady o' me own to
be cuddlin' up with you know!" Shane winks and waves good night to his friends. Mich-
ael waves and grins. "I guess that be my cue too! Home and bed be callin' me!" "Want
some company Michael now?" "You're beautiful lass that be the truth of it, but I could
not use you in that manner. Thank you for the offerin' now." Michael smiled gently.
He kisses the lass' cheek and leaves quietly. "Michael ya be missin' some real lovin'
man! Are you daft?" Peter chuckles at his friend. "No Peter! Just honest." With that
the door to the pub closes and Michael's gone.


Michael was at work loading the bookshelves. There were a lot of books to put away
that day. Maisy Mackerny walked over to Michael. "Michael, I hate to do this but
another sixty books have been checked in and triple that have been checked out. I
fear in two weeks we be very busy here with restocking these shelves." "Aya! That
we will." Michael glances down at her and grins softly. Maisy smiles back and starts
to go back to the desk so that others can bring their books up to check out. She
turned back to look at Michael a moment. "God this man is so sexy. And he doesn't
even see it. I wonder if he's a girlfriend or wife." Then she shakes her head. Thinking
Michael could never love her. She's too shy and quiet.

The Galway Library was so busy that day. Michael was trying to keep the shelves
fully stocked. At the same time, he was thinking of the magic show on the weekend
which was just two days away. A few times he felt eyes on him and he was thinking
that maybe it was Maisy. He hoped it was Maisy. But when Michael turned around he
didn't see anything or anyone. Maisy was busy working with a customer of the library.
What Michael didn't know was Maisy had been watching him covertly.


Michael came in to work as usual. He'd seen the huge stack of books that had been
checked in after he was off work the other day. He had no idea how he was going to
put them all away and do the show. "Maisy can you be helpin' me if it doesn't get
too very busy today in the library here?" "Sure Michael! What you be needing?" "Well,
the books for the shelves. I be needed to get ready for the magic show and there be
more books than you can wave a stick at to be puttin' away a...." "Say no more Mich-
ael. I be glad to help ya. Stacy and Shane can work the desk too." "Aww...thank you
lass." With that Michael turned to get ready for the show. Maisy watched him go. Her
own heart beat like a brass drum in her chest. She had no idea that Michael's was


Michael smiled at the children who came to the show. They were all so happy and
giggling at how silly Michael was. The magic tricks were like they'd never seen
before. "Okay! I be needin' a volunteer from the audience." At least twenty little
hands went up high. They were waving in the air. "Pick me! Pick me please!" "How
about you lass!" Michael chose a little red headed girl to be his aide. "Here ya
go lass. Hold on to that end of the rope for me will you?" "Okay." She smiled.
Michael did a little wave of his hand and then the rope suddenly became a snake.
then a cane to walk with. Finally ending up a little white rabbit with a pink
wigglingly nose. This made the children all giggle and clap. Michael then did a
few magic tricks with cards. He made an entire deck of cards dance in the air
and in and out around the children sitting on the chairs and mats watching the


Michael did the very best with his shows always. Maisy thought such a loving man.
Too bad he doesn't see me too. This made Maisy sad. She hid her heartache behind
her smile. Getting more of the books on the shelves for the children. The library
was really busy but the books were almost all back on their shelves. Just as fast
however they were being checked out again.

"Whew! What a busy day we had today Maisy don't you agree now?" "I do Michael but
it's okay. The children had so much fun today with ya Michael. You're a good man
you are!" Maisy smiled. Michael smiled too. They finished their work and went on
home for the night.

Michael spent time with his friends when he wasn't working. Always the same silly
jokes and laughter. But the good thing was they too were leprechauns and no one
to judge them. To try and cheat them or capture them. No one there after their
pot of gold. Just fun and safety among his own kind. That didn't stop Michael from
being lonely however. He just wanted to be loved. That will never change but he
feared it would never be. Never come to pass of an old leprehaun man like him.


Michael was working in the library late. There were close to three hundred books
that still needed to be put away. Chairs fixed, floor swept and cleaned. Only he
and Maisy were there. Michael liked being with her but she didn't see him for any-
thing more than a friend. "Michael! Can you help me? I'm havin' a bit of trouble
with theeessee..." The ladder started to slip. Michael was there in a flash. "I
got you lass! Here! Let me do that for you!" Michael took the books from Maisy.
As he did their hands brushed against each others lightly. Both felt a shiver.
Neither said anything but blushed and licked their lips.

"Uh, thank you Michael. I appreciate you helpin' me now. Sometimes the bookshelf
I have trouble with when they are too high or too many books." Maisy giggles.
Michael chuckled at her sweet giggles. The two set about putting more of the books
away. Maisy took one side and Michael the other. They finished four shelves and
had six more to go. Climbing the ladders on both sides Michael and Maisy were up
high filling the shelves when....



"MAISY!" Michael was there in a flash again. He caught her before she hit the
ground. Holding her tightly against his body. They both were breathing heavily.
Michael looks at Maisy. Maisy looks up at Michael. He lowers his head and kisses
Maisy so lovingly. For him it was magical. For Maisy it was a dream come true.

The two pulled away from each other reluctantly. "I..I uh, I'm sorry Maisy..I
I...didn't mean to be taking liberties with you." "Oh...it...it's okay Michael.
I know I ain't nothing to be looking at." Maisy's eyes filled with tears and she
turned and went back to work reshelving the library books. Michael felt so bad.
He didn't mean to hurt her. Not at all.

Reaching out for her. "Maisy..I...It...isn't that. I...you be the most beautiful
woman in the world to me...I..it's me...I...I'm just a big mouthed stupid fool.
I really am sorry..." Now Michael's eyes filled with tears. His one chance for
happiness and he blew it. Michael looks down and starts to pull away again. Maisy
cried. Michael cried. They were unhappy and sad. Both continued to work or try
to work but it was hard.

After a short while, Michael couldn't bare it any longer. He went back to Maisy.
"Maisy." Wrapping his arms around her. "I be in love with you. I have been for
a long time." "Me? A daft and ugly woman?!" "No. No. Maisy you are not an ugly
woman. You are not daft either. I mean it." Michael kisses her again. "I fear
you won't like me if you knew the truth." "Truth huh? What you have a deep dark
secret? I suppose you be tellin' me you are a leprechaun that's how you can do
all those magic tricks, right? A silly mythical little man with a pot of gold.
That's not real. Michael you be a sexy man and I too am in love with you but don't
be telling me no fairy tale stories okay?" Michael's heart hurt. She didn't believe
in Leprechauns. They were mythical and not real. A tear slips down his cheek un-
checked. Michael didn't care anymore who seen them.

Maisy was watching Michael. "Are you serious? You be saying you are a leprechaun?
A real live lebrechaun!" Maisy frowns and looks at Michael. She didn't want to
believe him. Thought maybe it was a joke on her. But when she seen the tears and
such sadness in his eyes, Maisy still had to believe Michael. He's always been
friendly and honest with her and very knowledeable so, maybe. Could he be? "Mich-
ael? I...I believe you." Maisy spoke softly. Michael looks at her. "I suppose you
be wanting me pot of gold now don't you?" "No Michael. I got my lucky charm." Mich-
ael looks at her.


"You don't? A lucky charm? What lucky charm do you be havin'?" Michael spoke so
softly. Maisy reached her hand out to Michael. "Michael?" Cupping his chin to
look at her. "You. Not because of the magic, the pot of gold. Just because of
you Michael. You're such a loving man. I've seen you with the children and so
helpful with everyone. I don't care about the leprehaun stuff. I only care about
you." Maisy looks at Michael. She kisses his softly wiping his tears. "I love
you Michael." "I...I love you too Maisy Mackerny." The two sat there and kissed
each other again and again. They giggled happily. "Let's finish our work here
then go home. We have a lot of lovin' to catch up with don't you think?" "I do
my love Michael. I do."

Michael and Maisy hurried and got all their work done. Both of them had finally
let their hearts be free. Their lucky charm's were the love they felt for each
other and for Michael the once lonely leprechaun was music to his soul. Magic
to his existence. Maisy couldn't be more happy if she had really found a pot of
gold. "I love you my lucky charm!" "I love you my lucky Charm!" The two giggled.

© Copyright 2017 Michelle Weber (michelle777 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2133814