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Love in the old west?
MJ Fantasy Marshall Jackson Virgina City's Savior?

Michael Jackson was the marshall for Virgina City, Nevada in 1865. These times
were hard times. The country still was divided by color even though President
Lincoln had just freed the slaves not all were cotton to this new law. No one
else wanted the job as Marshall but Michael Jackson didn't mind. He thought it
was a good thing to be in the service of his town, his community. Helping his
friends and neighbors. There were the rabel rousers as always, then the gun-
slingers and high rollers who came to town and stayed pretty much around the
saloon in their high staked poker games. Then there were your cow or horse
rustlers and theives. Michael liked to keep a sharp eye on them. Dancing girls,
ladies of illrepute were also common place. Michael made the town of Virgina
City, Nevada safe for everyone just the same. He had good deputies to help.

Michael was a good man and many in the town already knew Michael. Some just
weren't sure about him being marshall for fear his color would bring trouble
makers to their town. They did have their share already like every other town
in the country but why invite more? Michael Jackson was only twenty three years
old. Single and strong. He had a quiet way about him. Soft spoken but he took
care of business when he was supposed to. Michael was a very good peacemaker
and didn't need a gun to do it. This made him even more liked by the town because
all they wanted was peace and a chance to live freely. Free away from the wilds
of the western unknown. Michael Jackson was also a crack shot if he was forced
to draw this the township knew too. Michael was a ladies man but he didn't just
bed hop. He was looking for love. There were other women of color in town but
they were more interested in far off places and men who had money. Michael was
neither. He was a hometown boy and dirt poor. To him every woman was beautiful
and had worth. Just Michael loved the creamy silk skin of a fair maiden. The
softer the skin. They creamier the color the more Michael's interests were peaked.
When Michal took the job as Marshall he had no idea that destiny was waiting.

Buffalo Pete the meanest hombre west of the Pecos was known for trouble and his
sights were on Virginia City and it's gold strikes in the surrounding hills. He
intended to jump claims and kill all in his path, especially in his eyes a no
account slave colored Marshall. Buffalo Pete was also known to take the ladies.
No matter who they were if he fancied them they were his to do as he pleased with.
He'd left many a fair maiden deflowered in his wake. One of his victims was as
young as twelve years old and he learned later he made her with child after he'd
left but he Buffalo Pete didn't care. It was the her parents problem not his as
long as he had what he wanted. Buffalo Pete had an arrest warrant for him in
fifteen counties, cities and states, Marshall Michael Jackson knew this and
did not want Virginia City to be his next victim. Buffalo Pete didn't care that
Marshall Jackson the nigger had his men watching for him and anyone else who
would do harm to Virginia City. All he wanted was fun and to take what he wanted
where and when he wanted and that was the fact of it. He had his sights set on
taking over Virginia City and all the maidens he wanted. Buffalo Pete intended
to kill the nigger Marshall Jackson if he got in his way of fun too.

Amelia Scott was a twenty year old single woman who had taken over her parents
ranch when they died two years back from influenza that hit the town hard. She
was left 3,000 acres, 200 head of cattle, 100 head of horses and four younger
brothers and sisters to care for. There were chickens and a vegetable garden to
maintain and she was doing well. All Amelia wanted was to make her family proud.
Amelia had heard her friends whisper about the marshall having a crush on her but
she only wanted to take care of the ranch. In the wild west of Nevada where the
law was new, the lands wide wild and free and the greed rampent, Amelia had her
work cut out for her. Being a woman made the fight harder but she was up for it.
Always had been a strong girl and now woman and Amelia didn't need a man to derail
that. Yes she did want love, eventually but with the marshall or any man at the
moment was just out of the question.

Marshall Michael Jackson, Amelia Scott and Buffalo Pete were on a collision course
for destiny. Their destinies. The reality was that neither of the three knew just
how true it was and that their own fates awaited them in Virginia City, Nevada.


"Good morning Marshall Jackson. How are you today?" "I'm doing fine ma'am. Thank
you kindly for asking. How are you doing this fine morning?" "Not too bad. I was
just going to Marble's General Store for a few things before the afternoon sun
gets too hot!" The woman smiles. "Yes, I agree, it's going to be another hot one
today I'm afraid. Summer is here!" "It sure is Marshall Jackson." "Well, you have
a great day now. Ya' here!" Michael smiles and tips his hat and bows a bit in her
direction as a sign of gentlemenly respect. "You do the same now!" She replies with
a smile of her own.

Michael continues to walk the dusty streets of Virginia City. Things are quiet at
the moment. Everyone is getting their shops ready for the day. They are making sure
all their window displays are clean, full and inticing. The US Mail rider is just
riding out of town. Michael looks out over the vast area of his town and beyond and
upon the hills he can see a storm brewing. This sort of worries him because since it's
been so dry all around the area a good storm in the hills will bring down mud and rock
and so much more into the town's main road and the ranches along the way. Walking back
to the telegraph office Michael wanted to be sure that there was nothing new for him
and his deputies to be on the watch for.

"G'mornin' Marshall Jackson! Got a telegraph here for you. It's not good!" "Oh lord!
What is it Charlie?" "Buffalo Pete's struck again. The bank over in that new town Ely.
White Pine County's newest jewel of the west. The bank had only been open a month I
hear tell and he killed the sheriff there. A warrant has been issued for his capture.
The feds are going to be sending a garrison of military men to Nevada within a week."
"Any idea which direction he's heading?" Charlie sighs. "Well, I don't rightly know
Mike, but if I had to guess...." Rubbing his neck. "I'd say, this way. He's been all
over Nevada as it is why not come here." "I hope your funnin' me Charlie!" "I wish I
was but look at all the other wanted posters for all over the west. Mainly Nevada.
Here!" Michael took the posters. "Oh lord almighty! If Buffalo Pete comes here we
may have us a serious fight on our hands." "I reckon you're right Marshall" "I will
have to talk to my deputies and make sure that they patrol more and stagger our rounds
in and out of town so that now one can sneak in hopefully. I don't want this hombre
anywhere near my town or it's people. Thanks Charlie!" Michael smiles, tips his hat
and then leaves to go back to his own office.

Amelia was getting her horses watered from their grazing in the field and then run
in the corral. She had a lot of errands yet to do after the horses and cows. Her
chickens needed to get their eggs taken so they didn't break them. Or Amelia didn't
want to lose the eggs. It meant money to keep her afloat. She wasn't going to let
anyone or anything stop her from keeping her family ranch.

Horses hooves approach....

Amelia looks out her barn door. She sees a rider. Recognition crosses her face.
Sexy Marshall Jackson. Oh stop Amelia. You have no time for love. You have to
save the ranch. She thinks but still, he is so sexy. "Ms. Scott, I wanted to come
and check on you. I know you're out here all alone. Has there been any trouble?"
"Trouble?" "Yeah, strangers coming through your land or things missing?" "Umm...
No. No, nothing like that. Why? Is there trouble?" "Well, no. No. But I want to
keep it that way and with you being the farthest from town, I just wanted to make
sure you were okay or if you needed anything." "I'm okay I think. Thank you." She
smiled at Michael sweetly. Michael did all he could to keep from kissing Amelia.
She's so beautiful and he really liked her a lot. Michael thought maybe one day
he could get her to like him. Ask her to dinner and see where things go. But he
first had to keep her and his town safe from Buffalo Pete. Michael cleared his
throat. "Well, Ms. Scott, I'm going to make sure there are extra rounds out this
way just the same. You are out a ways and alone so it's just a good idea." "Well,
if you think so Marshall Jackson." "I do Ms. Scott. I really do!" "I think I will
be okay but I do appreciate the thought." "Anytime ma'am! You let me or my deputies
know right away if there's any trouble." "I will Marshall, I will you can count on
it! I can't afford to lose my families ranch. My parents worked hard to keep it and
I'm not losing it." "I understand Ms. Scott. Family pride and heritage is something
strong, just don't risk what you don't have to alright Ms. Scott?" "Yes Marshall, I
promise I will if I need to."

Michael tipped his hat gentlemanly and rode off back towards town. Amelia watched
him go and still had eyes for him. Some day. maybe some day.

Buffalo Pete sits by the campsite fire and smokes his cigarette. He's not far from
Virginia City. Thinking they have a bank with loads of cash because of the large
farms and ranches around town and more and more people coming west. The wagon trains
go through their as do the mail and stage. The railroad is coming soon so he knew
it was perfect. Cash, women and anything else he decides to take. The best part is
they have a nigger Marshall. They're nothing but dirt farm cotton pickers and dumber
than his hind end Buffalo Pete thought. This made him laugh outloud into the night


Michael was making his rounds again. "Hey Seth! How's the East end?" "No signs of
trouble Mike! I think maybe we're blowing smoke in the wind." "I hope you're right
but something in my bones is tellin' me there's a storm coming and we are about to
be swept away if we don't watch out." Marshall Jackson has a funny look on his face.
"I hope you're mistaken about that but the other deputies and I will do our best to
make sure that Virginia City is safe." "Thanks Seth! Have you checked the West end
yet?" "No Caleb is." The men heard distant hooves coming and look in the direction
of the west.

Caleb McBride was just coming into town. "Marshall Jackson!!" He rode over quickly.
Michael was instantly alert. "What is it?" "Caleb what happened?" "I seen strange
smoke signals and there are chickens missing from the Scott and Willis Ranches. Two
horses also." "Damn! Any signs of who it could be?" "No! I think the horses are maybe
Indians but the chickens? I don't know." "Did you speak with Ms. Scott?" "Yes. That's
how I know. She asked to speak with you as soon as you can Marshall." "Okay! Well, I
best head on up there. If either of you or Mitch don't hear from me within a day come
fully loaded and grab as many men as you can that can carry a gun without shooting each
other in the foot and surround the Scott Ranch alright?" "You expecting trouble Mike?"
"No. But I'm ready for it. As long as Buffalo Pete's on the loose everyone in Virginia
City is a potential victim and I won't let that happen without a fight. This is our
town and our job to protect each and every member of the community." "Alright Marshall!
I'll start speaking with those that we can count on tonight!" "Thanks Caleb!"


Michael kicked his horse Shotgun and off he rode. Michael couldn't think of anything
but getting to Amelia. A deep seeded fear began to burn in his stomach. Michael wanted
to ask Amelia to dinner but it looks like he's going to have to fight for her life and
his first. Maybe she wouldn't even like him anyway. All Michael knew is he needed to
get to Amelia and quick. Michael pushed his horse faster.


Amelia Scott was just finishing up her feeding of the horses when she heard something.
The horses started to get nervous. This put Amelia on alert. She grabbed basket and
looked out of the barn door. Seeing nothing in the dark. Shrugging and heading on into
her home.

Buffalo Pete was riding with men he'd met up with just outside of the Virginia City
line. They were thinking about making a play on Virginia City too. At first Buffalo
Pete was going to be an ass but then he thought, the more the merrier. Rule Virginia
City, kill a nigger and all the ladies they want. "Yo Buffalo! Are you sure that the
town really has no law but one nigger marshall?!" "I'm sure Snake! Easy pickin's!"
"And the ladies?" "Sexy and ours!" The men laugh and hoot!

Hooves approach fast.


Amelia had been in her kitchen when the insistant knocks came at her door. At first
she tried to ignore it at first but there was just no way to. Sighing heavily. Amelia
threw her dish towel down on the counter. Took the food off the fire. "Who the hell..
I'm coming!! I'm coming!" Amelia opens the door. "Wha..." Amelia is shocked to see
Marshall Jackson with a shotgun in his hand. "Marshall wha...." Michael pushes inside.
"I'm sorry to alarm you Ms. Scott but you are in danger! Di..." "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU
MEAN!?" "Did you parents own any guns or anything for defense?" "Marshall...." "Mich-
ael. Now seriously Ms. Scott! We have to hurry!" Michael was running around the house
closing curtains and shutters. Dimming lights. Putting blocks up so they can move about
in the home without getting shot. "Come on stay down. Grab anything you have to fight!
Buffalo Pete is coming and I'm not sure he's alone!" "Buffalo pete!? Oh god!" Amelia
was scared. "Don't worry! I won't let anyone hurt you! Not without a fight Ms. Scott!"
Michael kisses Amelia quickly. Then hurried around the room to make sure that the
windows were secure. Amelia however was shocked by the kiss. She loved it but it was
so quick. Amelia wanted to do it again. "Michael?" "Yeah?" Amelia kisses Michael softly.
Michael loved it. His skin tingled. Michael's heart beat wildly too. "If we live through
this? I'm going to marry you Ms. Amelia Scott!" Michael kissed her back. "Now go get
the guns and watch out the East side of the house. I'll watch the West." Michael grinned
and bit his lip. Amelia's heart raced and she smiled. Hurrying over to where Michael
told her to go. Shotgun ready.

An hour passed and there was no one around. Amelia slipped to the kitchen to warm
food for them. She made coffee quickly and hurried back to the windows. Amelia took
Michael food and coffee and she too had hers while watching the window.

A few minutes later, fed and full ready to fight. Both looked out into the blackness
of the sky.

Hooves coming from the east of them. Michael barely picked up their signature. "They're
coming!!" "Oh god!" "It'll be okay Amelia!" The horses were getting closer and closer.
"Come on men! I see us a big ranch house for the taking!! Our new home and hideout! No
more running! We'll own this town!!" The men whoop and carry on as the ride closer to
the ranch home of Amelia Scott. They didn't know there was a little surprise waiting
for them either.

Michael and Amelia were ready with guns drawn. "Come on boys! We're home!" Buffalo
Pete laughs. The men Cackle and hoot. All of them dismount their horses and try
to go into the house. The doors locked. The men try again. "What's this?!" "Hey! You
said you could get any place you want and you can't even open a simple dang door!"
One of the other men said and proceeded to try himself. The door would not budge
for him. So he pulled out his six gun and shot the lock out but the door didn't
open for him either. Three men rammed the door. Michael looked at Amelia winking.
"Buffalo Pete you are not welcome here and if you continue to try to get in to this
home you will be arrested and sent to the gallows!" "Who's in there?! How do you
know me?!" "Don't worry about who I am just hear what I said. Now I will give you
a chance to leave and move on or go to the gallows!"


The men shot into the ranch house. Michael shot back. Amelia shot out too as two of
the men with Buffalo Pete tried to get into the house in another way. "MICHAEL!! THEY


There was a thunderous sound of hooves approaching from the south. It almost totally
enveloped the gun fire. Shots rang out. The men now were also firing upon the on coming
riders. "Buffalo Pete! You are under arrest!! The federal Marshall's are coming for you
to take you to the gallows!!" Amelia and Michael were firing too at the men. It was a
real gun fight.




Michael raced to her side. "Are you alright my love!?" Michael held her and checked
her wound. "Ssss...I'm okay Michael. It's just a scratch." "Amelia. Let me look at
it. Please." Michael was so gentle. Tender. He kissed her lovingly. "I love you Amelia
I have since the moment I see you. I meant what I said. I want to make you my wife."
"Me? Michael. I...I" Amelia looks at Michael. Michael at her. He kisses her. "I love
you too Michael but are you sure? I don't have anything to offer. I...I'm just a poor
girl trying to hang on to what's left of her home." "Then we'll have to save it together."
Michael smiles softly. "Oh Michael, it's so much work. I can barely keep up." "Well,
now you'll have help." "I...I'd love that...." "Good!" A few more shots were fired,
then it was suddenly quiet and Caleb ran into the house. "Marshall! Marshall!!" "I'm
here! We're okay but Amelia's been hit!" "Okay. I'll get doc Thomas!" "Doc Thomas is
here! Who's hurt!?" "My wife doc!" The men pause and look at Michael and Amelia. "Don't
just gawk! My wife is in need of help!!" Doc Thomas checked Amelia's arm.

While Amelia was being treated the other men cleaned up the mess, fixed the home and
then made sure that the bodies of the villians were removed and Buffalo Pete was tied
up good and tight so he could be taken to the jail house and await the federal marshalls
due in two days.

Michael stayed with Amelia that night. He wanted to love on her but knew she wasn't
that kind of a woman and didn't want to disrespect her. They made arrangements to
wed in the morning in a civil service for now then Michael would do right by her at
their six month anniversary and take her on a grand honeymoon.

Michael and Amelia had always loved each other only neither knew it. It took a villian
and his men to bring them together. His fear for Amelia's safety is what brought them
together. Their hearts is what bound them. Their love drew them together and forever is
what they will have. Michael and Amelia found love in the most desperate of times. The
wild west. The west that was rapidly growing and changing. No longer did men or women of
color have to fear life. Have to hide. President Lincoln opened the doors to a brave new
world for all.

Marshall Michael Jackson a man of color, found life in Virginia City thriving and a
place of many possibilities and growth. Amelia Scott surviving daughter to a rich
family of Virgina City. She longed for love and found love with the boy, now man she's
always secretly loved. Buffalo Pete thought he could take over Virginia City, kill
the nigger Marshall and make his hideout at the Scott ranch. Juniper Hills. He found
instead, like Michael and Amelia.....his destiny.

The End.
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