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I wake up every morning to the blood red dawning of another headline.
I wake up every morning to the blood red dawning of another headline.
The news have become their own 15 minute long dystopian short story.
Bombing after bombing and I flinch because why is that backpack standing there all alone?

I can see history repeat itself and 50 years from now people will ask 'How could they let that happen? Why did no one stand up for what was right?'
Just like we did.
There is no answer because we were supposed to be better, smarter. We should have learned from our mistakes but we didn't and who will pay the price?

People are dying and the press turns them into martyrs for a cause that wasn't even theirs, will use their dead voices to justify war.
Did an eight year old girl visiting a concert advocate war?

I see blood and death and devastation everywhere I look and I ask myself what have we come to?

It's a big world we live in and yet it feels smaller every day because there are bombs that can reach around half the the globe and there are men at their triggers not afraid to use them just to show the world their greatness.
Neglecting the fact that should they push the button there will be no one left to acknowledge it.

It's idiocrasy and hypocrisy but most of all it's stupid and I wish I could make them stop and listen but I can't because I'm just a leaf floating wherever their winds will push me and it's not fair that my fate lies in the hands of men whose ego is bigger than the Chrysler building and who won't have any qualm to sign my fate just because someone insulted their hair.

I dread going to bed because tomorrow a new bloody headline will dawn and most of all I'm afraid because I feel myself going numb.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2133988