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Want to learn about elements in the planet Lapiz? Here talks about all elements!

You want to know a little more on magic? Well this explains the six elements in the planet Lapiz. Lapiz is a planet created from a scratch sheet of paper. It has it's own history and growth, which is a different story!

More than half of the people and creatures have some type of magic and about 38% of them are elemental! Yes, creatures live in Lapiz, too.

After you read this, you probably won't have all of the information memorized, but you'll have a better idea about the elements. How elementals cast their magic starts with the index and middle finger. When they get more advanced, they can use their palms, feet, and even their head (in that order)!


Secondary elements are elements you can learn as long as your element is related to it somehow. You cannot be born with a secondary. Some elements share secondaries, which means you can learn a secondary that is shared by you element and another. You could possibly learn a little more magic from that, but it used a lot of stamina if you cast is, so be careful!

Each element has a weakness and a resistance. A weakness does 2x damage, but a resistance does 1/2.

Dark elements are different. A user can't cast this, because if they did, it would harm themselves. Each element, not a secondary, has a dark element weakness, and no one has figured out the logic behind it. Each dark element has it's own power level showing how strong it is. Anyone can get harmed by these, even if you have no magic. The damage is worse if you are weak to a specific dark element.

An undiscovered element is the element you are born with, but your element is basically testing you. It gives you a specific everyday side effect to give you hints, and it lifts once you have proven it you know what element you are. When you think you've figured out what element you are, you have to prove it by these steps: 1. Make sure you're outside, 2. Go down on your knees, 3. Make two fists and put them together, 4. Make your thumbnails touch each other, 5. Stick your pinkies up and touch the pads together, 6. Then finally say, "My element is (your element)." If you guessed correctly, stay in that position until the particles around you are gone If you guessed incorrectly, it will harm you severely or possibly kill you if you are under 8 years old. It's risky, but worth it in the end!


1 = strongest, 6 = weakest

Water 1: Dark water causes major stinging to anyone who touches it. The weakness gets attacked 2x worse killing them within 1 hour.

Air 2: Dark water causes minor chocking giving you a major cold the next day. The weakness gets the same attack, but gets poisoned that day. Trust me; you'll see why it's #2 when you get it!

Lightning 3: Dark lightning causes a zap that shocks the entire body (as if it was strong static) The weakness shuts the body down making it go unconscious. If you see that happen and you want to wake them up, DON'T DO IT!! It will cause more internal damage, so just leave them alone until they wake up. Do call 911 to help though!

Life 4: Dark earth has spikes, so when you touch it, it pokes you and gets stuck to you. You can pull it off unless it's your weakness, which you'll have to get a doctor to cut them out. I won't explain that process!

Ice 5: Dark ice causes a brain freeze. The weakness can't get rid of the brain freeze without a fire element on hand. This is why ice and fire should be friends!!

Fire 6: Dark fire burns you as if it was just a little campfire. The weakness gets burnt worse leaving a scar.



Secondaries: ocean, mud, cloud

Weakness: Lightning

Resistance: Fire

Dark Weakness: Life

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered water users are always thirsty. You should still drink plenty of water, but you'll always be thirsty.

Fun Fact: Water elements can morph into water if they wanted to! That's more advance magic though.


Secondaries: smoke, coal

Weakness: Water

Resistance: Ice

Dark Weakness: Lightning

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered fire users are always sweating. No matter how many fans you have in your room or in your hands, you'll have some sweat dripping. It's good to own a fan or two though.

Fun Fact: You caused a fire and have no strength left? No worries! You have the strength to suck it all up (as long as you learned the spell Vacuum)! You'll gain your energy back!


Secondaries: snow: blizzard

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: Air

Dark Weakness: Water

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered ice users are always shivering. You might not always feel cold, but you will have ants in your pants! Staying out in the sun will slow the shivering a little but you'll end up with burnt skin if you stay out too long!

Fun Fact: If you learn the spell Touching Ice (which helps you walk on water), you can actually heal someone's wounds!


Secondaries: cloud, smoke, wind

Weakness: Ice

Resistance: Life

Dark Weakness: Fire

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered air users can't fight wind. The wind can push you around even if it's a little breeze. You might know someone that acts that action out, but this is a life battle for undiscovered air elements!

Fun Fact: You can cast your air and make the wind change! Want to bring back Mary Poppins or something?


Secondaries: grass, ground, mud

Weakness: Air

Resistance: Lightning

Dark Weakness: Ice

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered earth users kill every plant they touch with their hands, except for trees and edible plants. You're not a green thumb until you've discovered you're earth. Careful what you touch!

Fun Fact: If you're element, you have a 1% chance of being allergic to poison ivy and its other poisonous friends!


Secondaries: thunder, cloud

Weakness: Life

Resistance: Water

Dark Weakness: Air

Undiscovered Side Effect: Undiscovered lightning users tend to be under the weather as if it were mood swings. Don't let that moody side attack you though, so go hang out with your friends and family! Video games make it worse.

Fun Fact: Shocking thought, but if you had the strength, you could possibly stop a thunder storm! If it's pouring, you'll end up shocking the rain instead, which is deadly to everyone.
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