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This story is about a girl who won't speak until she meets her best friend. fiction story
Once upon time I guess... anyhow this is the story of my life and how wouldn't talk.So I wouldn't talk when I was three years old. We went to the doctor and I definitely had a voice I just wouldn't talk. I was four and I went to kindergarten. I would talk too anyone, not even the teacher. People would talk to me, but I wouldn't talk to anyone. Everyone went to lunch and I sat all by myself. That is boring so I went to recess and I wouldn't talk or play either. I went back to class nothing happened though. I went home to my parents and they asked if my day was good, I of course didn't say a word. I ate dinner then got bathed and went to bed. That was how all of the days went by. A long time later. I was now in high school and we got a new kid. We got new kid all the time but, this felt I don't know just different this time. So I went to the office and shook her hand she said, "Hello!". I said nothing. She then left to class. I went to lunch but, she sat with this was vary weird. we both didn't say a word then we went to recess together. I finally said, "Hello", that was the first word that came out of my mouth. that's where my life truly began.
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