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A big thank you for considering the thought that my story is worth your time.
First of all, a big thank you for considering the thought that my story is worth your time.

I hope not to disappoint.

For those who are reading this for the first time, this is a short story (short, promise!) of a seemingly normal girl who is somehow caught in the tangle of bemusing yet fascinating emotional maze for someone she met on a trip. However, this girl is not a believer of a Happily-ever-after and is definitely not ready for dating the guy. They are just two strangers heading towards different directions, destined to cross paths in unlikely circumstances.

For those who've already read my first story, "Stranger", can jump directly to Chapter-2 'Back To Basics', to see what happens next.

Hope you give this new story the same old love.

Let's meet the Characters:

Zoravi- Our protagonist takes us through her journey where she tells her tales and thoughts on meeting the stranger(s) on her travels and back home. She's moody, loves to travel, always searching for excuses for good alcohol and sometimes too horny for her own good.

The Stranger (Aman)- He's dusky, has dark dreamy eyes and is a mystery for our girl.

Rahul- A tall, fair and handsome young man, college friend with whom Zoravi shares a complicated history.

Suven- Mr. Right Guy, well-settled, well behaved man who isn't afraid of speaking out his mind. A perfect match for our girl.

Manav- The chocolate boy who has everything one can wish for, and still wants more.

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