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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2134099
This is a 2nd person story (and you're a girl, so keep that in mind)!
Chapter 1

You and your neighbor, Daniel, are walking to the park. You love the summer breeze as it tickles your neck. You breathe in the air which catches Daniel's attention.

"Payton, why you always gotta do that when the breeze kicks on?"

"It feels so nice!" you look at him with a satisfied expression. "Sadly, the wind doesn't toss my hair around like it used to," you stroke your short hair.

"Yeah, cause you're like, 'Oh, that hairstyle boys have... I want that!' Well I knew you'd regret it!"

"No, I like my hair cut this short, but... yeah." The two of you sit on the bench, and after a while, you see a group of guys walking over to the same park. You look over to see who they were. You don't seem to recognize them, but there was a boy in the group you couldn't stop looking at. He had emerald eyes that reflected the sun and dirty blonde hair that was put up in a ponytail, and he wore a white shirt with letters on the front, but you couldn't see what it said, with blue gym shorts that had white stripes on the sides and black tennis shoes. You couldn't take your eyes off of him.

"Hello? Earth to Payton!?" Daniel tries to get your attention, but you just... couldn't... "Dude!! Wake up!!" Daniel makes you jump. You look at your neighbor a little embarrassed. He gives you the "seriously" look.

You slightly take your eyes off of Daniel, "I um..."

"Yeah, I know. You're blushing. Who are you staring at?"

"That... guy over there... with the ponytail," you look at who your talking about.

"Well, don't just sit here! Do something!" You look back at him like he's crazy.

You think you yourself, Should I talk to him, or just stay here? Then you decide to go up to the guy. You slide off the bench and walk towards him. You can hear Daniel giggling as if something was to go wrong. Your heart was pounding harder every step you took closer to the group. The guys, one by one, looked at you as you came up to them. They were all staring at you, a couple with puzzled looks. The guy you came up to see was in the back, but completely visible and straight ahead.

"Can we help you little girl," one of the guys asked you.

"Um... I... I just wanted to say hi..." you couldn't spit it out. They were all staring at you, especially that one, which made you blush even more.

"Um... okay? I don't-"

You blurt out, "What's your guys' names?"

"Well, I'm Mike. This is Robert, Liam," he pointed at that guy, "Dylan..." That name rang in your head for a while and you didn't hear everyone else's names.

"C-can I hang out with you guys for a little?" A little shouldn't hurt...

"Huh? Why us when you have your boyfriend over there?" Mike points at Daniel.

"What? No!" you flip out, "He's my neighbor... he... likes to take me here when we both are open,"

"Oh okay. As long as you don't be a brat, kay?" You nod. You and the group hang out on the basketball court chatting, and you somehow managed to stand next to Dylan.

"So, Payton... was it?" Dylan asks you while the boys had their conversation.

"Y...yeah, it's Payton," you answer nervously. You couldn't believe he started a conversation with you!

"Where do you live?" he asks you. You point to the street across from the park. He nods, then changes the topic, "So that guy on the bench. Is he really just your neighbor?" You nod. He continues, "That's cool to have someone walk to the park with you, but I'm sure you'd want someone cooler wouldn't you?" That made you blush, but you couldn't help but to nod. "Well, you're in luck, cause that house for sale down that street, I'm moving there!"

You meet his eyes, "Really?" He smiles and nods. "I... I'm speechless... I..."

"It's exciting for me too, cause I get to meet new neighbors like you," he winks at you, "and my friends live close to that street, so I've already got perks!" You got so eager, but you kept it all in to yourself.

Dylan is moving into my street! No way! "So that means... instead of Daniel... you can take me to the park?" That's when you notice Daniel's expression change.

Dylan answers, "Of course! As long as," Daniel stands up, "your friend is fine with it."

Daniel folds his arms and looks at you, "Payton, you've taken this too far! What are you trying to do exactly?"

You pause for a moment, "I uhh..."

Dylan grabs your shoulder, "Let us walk around the park for a little bit, kay?" You can't help but agree. The two of you walk away from the group and away from Daniel. When you look back at Daniel, you notice him heading back home. You just take that and stay with Dylan. His arm was still wrapped around you and you didn't want to leave that.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2134099