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A poem I wrote for my children.
For My Child

My beloved child,
know that you are loved
more than you will ever know,
regardless of your past mistakes.

Remember that your family
is fighting for you every day,
even when you feel abandoned,
you are never alone.

God does not keep a record of your sins,
and neither do I – you are forgiven.
Our Heavenly Father won’t give up on you,
just as I will always fight for you, too.

Despite my best efforts,
I failed to get the help you needed,
so now we find ourselves separated,
though we’d rather be together.

I ask you only for forgiveness,
and your solemn promise to
always try your best and accept
the help that is now being offered.

I do not hold the past against you,
living with the hope that
somehow, some way, we’ll be together,
once again a happy family.

Remember to forgive yourself,
although that’s easier said than done.
Stay faithful to God and know,
He will work things out for your good.

I wish there was more I could do
to heal the hurt and remove the scars.
Just remember how much you are loved,
and no matter what, I’m always here for you.

So keep your head held high,
your heart and mind on God;
never give up, never give in,
and you will be just fine.
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