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Omg, I can't write a summary because it only gives you 90 characters xD
I lay on the cold ground, my three beautiful kits curled up at my stomach, my mate, Thornberry, sat by me, licking my head as I panted quietly

"You did great, the kits are amazing," He said softly, his long strokes calming me. The medicine cat, Streamleaf, came back in, holding a cluster of leaves in her jaws, she sat them near my head and I tentatively stretched over to sniff them, they smelled sharp and tangy, but not unpleasant.

"Wh-what are they?" I said breathlessly.

"Borage leaves," She replied, pushing them closer to me with her nose. "They will make sure you have enough milk for your kits."

I licked them up and shuddered at their strong taste.

"I will leave you to decide their names," Said the grey, tabby medicine cat, leaving the nursery.

I looked at Thornberry, what were we going to call them? Names flicked through my head as I looked at my bundles of joy, one was a small, white she-cat, another, a large calico she-cat, and the last a small, black Tom with a white patch on his eye. They all had their eyes closed and love filled my heart. The small, white she-cat squirmed restlessly and let out high pitched mews. Thornberry let out a mrow of laughter and looked at her, eyes filled with love and joy.

"She squirms around like a pesky little minnow that you're trying to catch," He said, good humouredly.

"That's it," I said "Minnowkit"

The calico she-cat sat still and silent, until her brother nudged her, as she started to bare her teeth.

"This one is a fighter already," I remarked laughing. "Her patterns are as soft and delicate as ferns, she certainly isn't though!" I added, laughter dancing in my eyes as she plummeted me with a small, fuzzy paw.

"She can be called Fernkit then," Said Thornberry.

The third one cowered away from his siblings, his black pelt camouflaging into the shadows, Except one white patch around his eye.

"That's it, Patchkit," I said lovingly. "My three kits... ill love you, and be by your side forever"


So that is the first part of my warrior cats fanfic, there is going to be a prologue part two, so stay tuned for that when it comes out. I know I know; prologues are boring, but I can hardly write an amazing battle scene from the point of view of a day old kit, can I? *Hint Hint* (It's not actually going to be amazing because I am not a good writer xD

But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this part and I will hopefully update it soon. :)
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