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This is the first month for the A Whole New World activity. It's about settings.

The planet of Kausuin is way over populated by the Kausuins. They need a new planet that they can colonize. That’s where Planet Creation comes in. Planet Creation finds planets that can be colonized. But they don’t just find them. They also have the technology to re-create them to look any way that the new owners want it to look like. Sometimes that’s exactly like the old one. And sometimes it completely different. But usually it somewhere in-between the two.

There are five possible planets that the Kausuins could call home. And each one of them is about to be checked out by Planet Creation. Planet Creation didn’t think there would be any problems with any of the possible planets. But they need to be checked out to make sure someone wasn’t already living there. It didn’t look like there was. But they have to know for sure before they re-create them.

Already populated is just one reason why The Kausuins might not be able to colonize it. If for one reason or another The Kausuins can’t colonize it, there are five other planets/Races that can live there. That’s what this Project is all about. The focus of it will be centered around The Kausuins as Planet Creation tries to find them a new planet to populate. But the other five Races will be involved in it too. Each one of the five will have their own month. At least they will when it comes to the final project. But they will be in every questionnaire. After all, there are a lot of similarities among Races, but there are also some differences.

Month One: Setting

Due: September 30th at 11:59 p.m. WDC Time

*BurstR* Is this sci-fi or fantasy or something else entirely?

This is a pure Science Fiction story. But there will be a little bit of Fantasy too. The planets of Kausuin, Vohn, Glestom, and Pulvonic are the Science Fiction ones. And the planets of Borract and Soltol are going to be the ones with a little bit of Fantasy about them.

Kausuins look like the humans on Re-Creation seventeen in stature. But there are a couple of differences. One is that they all look like males from the waist up. The other is that they are green with yellow hair. Males are light green and darkish yellow while the females are darkish green and light yellow. That’s the only way to tell the genders apart when they are clothed.

Vohns are a very tall Race. And like us here on Earth, and most planets, they come in different heights. Their tallest is around nine feet tall, and their shortest is about seven feet. The height isn’t the only thing that makes them Aliens. They also have bald, gray, oblong heads, long floppy ears, and a short curling tails.

Borracts are three legs and four arms Aliens. The third leg is either slightly inside but behind the right front leg or the left one depending on their gender. Other than that they look human. The only other difference is their skin color. Like here on Earth, there are several different skin long. But they aren’t the same as our colors. It depends on which part of Borracts they are on as to what their color is.

Glestoms don’t wear any clothing. But don’t panic. They have small scales that cover their entire bodies. And they are slightly layered on top of the one below them. That includes their heads, arms, and legs. They don’t have any eyes, ears, noses, or mouths. Yes, they do speak. And we can hear about where a mouth should be. But there are no facial movements. They also don’t have any hands. How they eat and what happens to the food afterward is still unknown to Planet Creation.

Soltols look like long oblong rounded clear water containers with a head, arms, and legs. There are no seeable organs because of the light blue water sloshing around within the thin clear frame. That includes the head too. Other than that they look human. And that includes how they speak and eat. They do both. When they do there is a slight opening in the mouth. But no internal water comes out.

Pulvonics are also a tall Race. They aren’t as tall as the Vohns. But they are taller than most Alien Races. That includes the human Race. What also makes them different from the Vohns is their height. They are all the same height. They’re sort of like clones, but they don’t look alike. Other than that, they look like very hairy humans. They have long strains of hair that flow as they move so closely next to each other it’s hard to see they are separate hairs.

Kausuins and the other Races above are more complicated than just the way they look. So, why did I mention their appearances in this question? It’s not to show that this is a Science Fiction story. No, it’s because I said above that I was going to individualize each question. This one was just harder to do than most. At least I hope it was.

*BurstR* What is the general landscape like? (for example: post-apocalyptic wasteland, fairy city, or whatever you feel best describes your landscape)

All the landscapes are the same on the six planets that Planet Creation is working with to find them an ‘A Whole New World' to live on. The only differences are the sizes of their Land Masses. And how many of them that they have.

Kausuin has several hundred small Land Masses. We here on Earth call them islands. But they call them Small Living Areas.

Vohn also has a lot of small Land Masses that they call Regions. But there are about a hundred of them. And they hold about a million Vohns each. Most of their planet is on large Land Masses called Territories. They hold about one to three billion depend on their sizes.

Borract has three kinds of Land Masses that they call The Land. The small ones hold about five million Borractians while the middle ones hold about one billion and the large ones hold about three to four billion.

Glestom doesn’t have any small Land Masses. They only have large ones that cover most of the planet that the call Land Masses. And there are about five to ten billion Glestoms on each one depending on how big they are.

Soltol is a lot like the planet of Kausuin in regards to the number of small and large Land Masses that they call territories. Of course, the size of them are different and where they are at is too. So is the population. There are about five million on the small ones. And about five billion on the large ones.

Pulvonic doesn’t have any small or large Land Masses. They only have medium ones they call The Surface. There are several thousand of them. And each one holds about five hundred million Pulvonics.

Kausuin also has large Land Masses that they call Large Living Areas. There are several hundred of them too. And each one holds about fifty million Kausuins.

*BurstR* If you were in this world, what would you see (close your eyes and envision your world)?

I would be looking at six very similar planets. Each one is different. But there is a lot on all of them that’s the same too.

Kausuin is a metal planet. All you can see there are metal buildings, residences, etc. There is very little else but metal there.

Vohn also has quite a bit of metal. But they also have Wooded Areas too that surround the Regions and Territories. Those Wooded Areas are about one mile for the Regions and about four to five miles thick for the large ones. That’s what Planet Creation can see from above.

Borract doesn’t just have metal structures. They also have wood and stone ones. In fact, most of the residences are wood. And the others are stone.

Glestom is just the opposite than the other planets. They don’t have hardly any metal. There is a lot in the taller buildings. But most are like the residences. They are made of wood or stone, mostly stone.

Soltol can’t be seen from above like the others because it’s a Water World. But with special equipment Planet Creation can see that it’s buildings and residences are made from rocks and stones.

Pulvonic is mostly a wooded structure planet. There is some metal in all the building and a lot of stone in the residences. But most of it is wood.

Kausuin does have some structure that isn't metal. Especially, on the Regions. They are made of stone too. But most of it is metal.

*BurstR* Describe physical characteristics of the land such as mountain ranges and rivers.

Almost every planet in the universe has mountains and waterways. And their sizes plus how many there are is pretty much the same too. The biggest difference between them is their waterways. We call them rivers, lakes, streams, etc. But most of them just call them waterways. At least that’s true with these six Races.

Kausuin doesn’t have too many mountains. But there is at least one on almost all the regions. And several on most of the Territories.

Vohn has a lot of mountains. But they aren’t very big in either height or length. As for their waterways, they also have a lot of them too. Especially around their small Living Areas.

Borract is a planet that doesn’t have any mountains. But it does have a lot of hill about as tall as most adult Borractans are. And their lengths aren’t very long either. Their waterways are about the same as everyone else’s waterways.

Glestom is a lot like Borract. They don’t have too many mountains. But they do have some. And the ones they do have are very tall and lengthy. They also don’t have too much in the way of waterways either. They have them. But they are narrow.

Soltol is a Water World. So, you would think that it doesn’t have mountains. But it does. And they are about the same size, both in height and length like the ones on Kausuin. The core of Soltol is solid. It looks like water about twenty miles deep surrounds it.

Pulvonic has a lot of both mountains and waterways. In fact, there are so much of them it’s not hard to believe why that planet is overpopulated. It is that hard that so many of them do live there.

Kausuin also has a lot of waterways. Most of them surround the Regions. But there are a lot of thinner ones among the Territories too.

*BurstR* What does the sky look like?

That’s a hard question to answer. All six of them have a sky. But they don’t all have clouds in those skies. In fact, only two of them have clouds. The other four don’t. One has an almost invisible protective shield around it. Another one has so many satellites in orbit around it its appearance looks like a wall of metal. Of course, there is one that doesn’t have anything between them and Space. The sixth one is the weird one. It’s a cross between cloud coverage and a protective shield. It has a thin layer of smoke that covers it.

Kausuin is the planet that doesn’t have a sky. Of course, it has one. But it’s a clear one. There is nothing between the surface of Kausuin and Space above it.

Vohn is one of the two planets that have clouds in their sky. The clouds surrounded Vohn completely. And they are light blue in color. Despite their coverage, their sun still shines through them.

Borract is the planet that looks like it has smoke surrounding it. It’s even a whitish gray color like our smoke here on Earth is. Most of it is a light gray. But within that gray, and on its own, there is a lot of white too.

Glestom is the planet that has metal objects that we call satellites surrounding it. They come in different shapes and sizes just like ours. Most of them are small to medium sized monitoring metal objects.

Soltol is the planet that has a protective shield. Why it’s there, Planet Creation doesn’t know for sure. But even though the shield is about miles from the water’s top, most think it’s there to keep the Water World a Water World.

Pulvonic is the other planet that has cloud coverage. Only this one isn’t completely covered. Most of it is almost all the time. But a lot isn’t. It’s sort of like our planet Earth. It comes and goes all over the planet. But it mostly comes.

Kausuin is the planet with no sky. And you would think that the red sun shining down on it contently it would be a hot planet. But it isn’t. Their sun is too far away to make it too hot. That isn’t their problem, overpopulation is.

*BurstR* What are the plants like?

Every planet in the universe has plants, flowers, and vegetation on it. Especially on the inhabited ones. But even most of the unpopulated ones have them. They look different, smell differently, and are called something else. But they have them.

Kausuin doesn’t have a lot of flowers. But they do vegetation and plants, especially vegetation. It grows all over the planet.

Vohn is one of those planets that has a lot of all three. And they are all about the same as to how much there is of each one. All three also grown all over the planet. Most are wild for the taking. But some of it isn’t, especially the vegetables.

Borract is a lot like Kausuin. Only instead of a lack of flowers, they don’t have too many plants. They do have a lot all over Borract. But it’s only about ten percent. It’s about the same when it comes to flowers and vegetation, about forty-five percent each.

Glestom is a lot like the planet Vohn. It has a lot of all three. The only difference is that they aren’t wild. They are all over the planet. But they are in controlled situations. It’s sort of like our farms, greenhouses, and flower stores are here on Earth.

Soltol is a Water World. So, you would think that since it is one, there would be any if any of the. But that’s not true. What they have most is vegetation all over their planet. But they also have a lot of plants and flowers. Those are kept in a greenhouse like structures.

Pulvonic is one of those planets that doesn’t have too much of all three. They do have them all. But there isn’t much of any. And what they do have is wild for anyone to take. That’s a little bit of a problem in regards to the vegetables. But it’s not that big of one since most Pulvonics don’t eat vegetables.

Kausuin does have some flowers. There just isn’t that much of it. But what little they do have is also grown all over their planet.

*BurstR* What are the animals like? Are there domestic animals?

Like the plant question above, every inhabited planet has animals on them. Some are domesticated. And some are wild. But most are in-between these two. The same is true about food. Some are eatable. And some of them aren’t. There are also a lot that is deadly. Also like the plant question, the way that they look and what they are called is different.

Kausuin has a lot of animals on it. Most aren’t wild or deadly. But quite a few are one or the other, or both.

Vohn used to have a lot of wild animals. But because of overpopulation, they don’t anymore. They don’t even have too many domesticated ones. But there are some. And the ones they do have some of them can be deadly.

Borract has cut back on their animals as well because of their overpopulation problem. But not as extreme as the Vohns have done. Most of their animals are domesticated. And most of them are in residences. But there is a lot that is wild or deadly or both.

Glestom never had a lot of animals on their planet. But they did have some. The few thousand that they do still have are mostly wild. There are some that have been domesticated. And a lot that is deadly. The ones that are deadly are mostly wild ones too.

Soltol also has never had too many animals on it. Not because it’s a Water World. There are about a million planets in the universe like Soltol. It also isn’t because of them being overpopulated. Then again, it is sort of like it’s because of overpopulation. They have been eaten out over the centuries. What few million still exist are either wild or deadly or both.

Pulvonic is a lot like most overpopulated planets. They don’t have any domesticated animals. But they do have some wild or deadly ones. Unlike most planets, they are both. They are either one or the other. But there are quite a few are both.

Kausuin does have some domesticated animals. In fact, about half of their animals are domesticated. And out of that half, almost all of them are residential domesticated. The others live in what we call zoos, circuses, carnivals, etc.

*BurstR* What do the buildings look like?

All of these planets are very advanced. In fact, three of them have limited their Space Travel to their Solar System. And two planets have a lot of Space travel. Only one doesn’t, until now.

As for the building themselves, they cover most of these planets. They come in all shapes and size. And there isn’t any set pattern to them. All of them are slight, if not completely, different from the other ones on their planet.

Kausuin has a lot of tall buildings. But most of them are about medium height. The tallest is fifty level. And the medium ones are between ten and twenty-five.

Vohn doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings. But they do have about a hundred of them. The tallest is about seventy-five levels high. Most of them are medium-sized. And their ranges are the same as on Kausuin. They also have several thousand small ones.

Borract is the only planet that has any kind of pattern to their building. And that’s only in their height. It’s still uneven over all. But there are a lot more that are the same level. They just aren’t together. Two to five is. But the rest aren’t.

Glestom doesn’t have any really tall buildings. Their tallest is about thirty levels tall. And there is about two hundred of them. The rest, about a million, are mediums. With about a thousand of them being small.

Soltol also doesn’t have any tall building. But they don’t have any mediums either. Their tallest is fifteen. And there are about a million of them. The ones that are one to five are the business buildings. Six through fifteen are the residential living quarters. What we call apartments and apartment buildings.

Pulvonic is a lot like the other planets being helped by Planet Creation here. Their tall and medium buildings are for the residential living. And the small ones are for the businesses. The only real difference is their height. Their tallest is about sixty levels. And their mediums are from five to forty.

Kausuin also has a lot of small buildings. They range from four to nine levels high. The one to three is for the residences. And there are about a million of them.

*BurstR* Does the main part of your story take place in the city or rural areas? (Describe both aspects if relevant)

It isn’t either of them. The story takes place aboard Re-Creation Seventeen. These five planets will be Re-Created. And we will see what happens to them after it’s done. But we won’t see it being done.

Kausuin is the planet we will see the most of. And we won't see it, any of them, until the Final Project month.

Vohn is one of the five we won’t see too much of until month six. We will see what it’s going to eventually look like by the questionnaires and my SpaceMap. It will also be a part of this Short Story section.

Borract will be the planet for the second month of questions. And it will also be in the second Short Story for the Final Project. It will also be more involved in that Short Story.

Glestom is the third planet, questionnaire, that Planet Creation needs to check out. They will also be dominant in the third Short Story part of the Final Project. And they will probably be in it about the same as story two is in theirs.

Soltol is, of course, going to be a big part of the fourth planet and questionnaire is all about. In fact, I think that it will be the biggest one of the five. But then again, it might not be. Who knows but me. You will have to read the Final Project to know for sure.

Pulvonic will be a big part of the fifth planet, questionnaire, and Short Story. But I don’t believe they will be as big as the Borractans, the Glestoms, or the Soltols. They will be more like the Vohn, I think. When they do come into their part of the Final Project, they will be bigger than the other four, though. After all, they are a Warrior Race.

Kausuin will be the most dominant planet throughout this ‘A Whole New World’ Project. But the other five will be a big part of it too. Not only in their month but in the Final Project month too as we see how all the New Worlds turn out.

*BurstR* Are the weather patterns different than our world?

Once again, every planet in the universe has weather. Even most of the uninhabited ones do. But there usually isn’t any pattern to them. That’s true when it comes to these planets. Their weather is random. Just like it is here on Earth.

Kausuin has a weather machine that controls the weather on Kausuin. But even with it being controlled the weather is still random.

Vohn has a weird weather system. Not only is the weather random, but it’s also centralized over individual Communities. One Community might have the sun. And the one right next to it may be getting a rain storm.

Borract is a lot like Vohn. Except it’s not individualized as much. Their weather system is more like their land masses. It’s individualized per land mass. But the individual conditions can be the same as they are on Vohn.

Glestom is almost completely opposite Vohn and Borract. Their weather is planet-wide. But each day it’s different. One day it’s a rain storm. And the next day it’s very hot.

Soltol is a lot like Kausuin. It too has a weather machine controlling the weather. And like the others it’s randomized. Most of their weather is water related. They do get the sun, though. And somehow it does shine through the water when it’s a sunny day.

Pulvonic is the only planet that comes close to having a pattern than the other five when it comes to their weather. It's still random. But not as much as the others. There is some organization to it. It almost acts like there is a weather machine involved there too. But there isn’t, or is there?

Kausuin is also a rain planet. Most of the weather they get is rain. It would always be if it wasn’t for the weather machine. How they get that rain with no clouds? They don’t know either.

*BurstR* Anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

I think you are going to be surprised with the ending to this story. Even if you think you know what it is, you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading it to the very end to see if your right or I am.

Kausuin will be the main planet in the Final Project. It will be in it from beginning to the end. But the other five planets will also be in it too.

Vohn doesn’t breathe the same kind of chemicals that most of the universe. That’s why they are the perfect Race for the first planet. They can breathe Doffim. But the Kausuins can’t.

Borract isn’t asking for much when it comes to their new world. They don’t need it to be re-created. The Borracts can live on a planet as it is. That’s why they are perfect for the second planet to colonize.

Glestom can live almost anywhere. Even on a planet like the third one. That’s why they are perfect for it. They aren’t asking for too much, either. But they are asking for a little bit more than the Borracts are.

Soltol is a Water World. So, finding them a planet shouldn’t be that hard to do. But it is. Planet Creation can re-create any planet. But they have to find a Water World before they can re-create it. That’s why the fourth planet is perfect for the Soltols.

Pulvonic is a warrior race. And the fifth planet is perfect for them. At first, Planet Creation thought that would be the planet for the Kausuins. But a closer look showed it to be once inhabited. And whoever they were must have been a warrior Race too.

Kausuin doesn’t understand why they can’t just pick the first planet closest to them and colonize it. Planet Creation isn’t surprised about that. Almost every planet they help feels the same way.
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