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How it feels when people change you to what they want
I have developed a bubble
That has formed around my body
It's a two way mirror so
You only see yourself

Twisting turning
My stomach does belly flops
As you walk towards me
With your stick of judgment

You shape and form the bubble into your image
Poking and prodding until it takes that shape
You've done it so much so
It immediately takes the image when you step towards me

You talk to the bubble as it replies
While i am curled up in a ball
As the bubble shrinks in
Forming me into what you want

I've been in this bubble so long
I cant remember who I really am
Or who I used to be
Because there is no bubble anymore

The two way mirror becomes glass
As you peer into my soul
Erasing what you do not like
Drawling what is missing

The bubble is now me
Because it has engulfed my body
Becoming my outer skin
Shaping me for you

There is no bubble
There is no me
Just what I used to be
And the bubble I have become
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