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by Temmi
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Dark · #2134272
It's finally time for chapter 6!
Once both children had returned to their body, several security guards armed with tasers quickly burst into the room. He quickly told Arthur to "play it cool" and don't let on that you know anything. So that's what he did. Once both souls return to the body, Arthur returned to consciousness, and immediately starting moving against his restraints. One of the guards moved toward him, then proceeded to check his restraints. Once he confirmed that they were all secure, he moved a way and signaled to the rest of the guards that the room was secure. He then made a motion to the other guards, barking individual orders at each of them. "You, go down corridor C-3. You, check Cell Block 17. Everyone else, head down do the Quarantine containment center. Hopefully Jakob has not escaped, or we're all doomed. Let's move it!" and as quickly as they all had entered, they left, all heading in there respective directions. Once the door screamed shut once more, He spoke up once again. "Did you catch any of that?" He asked inquisitively? Arthur replied swiftly "Yeah, sounds like something bad is going on." "No, not that!" He said with slight sarcasm. "We aren't the only subjects here! That head guard dude said something about somebody named "Jakob." Whoever that is, he sounds pretty dangerous, and sounds like somebody I'd like to have on my side." Arthur started his response..... "That sounds like it might be....." and then fell back into unconciousness. As soon as he did, His voice ceased, and the world went dark for both.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2134272