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by Jacky
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Too Smart

"Do you mind!"

"What, is this yours or something?"

"Yes, I got here first."

"So big deal, there's plenty here, it's not like you can eat the whole thing."

"Maybe I could."

"What a card you are Francis, I'd just like to see that."

"Fine, watch me!"

Jack sat back with a smug look on his face. He knew Francis couldn't eat it all, nobody could. Then adding another thought he said, "How's about a little wager?"

Francis looked up, "Like what?"

"How's about if I'm wrong, you take my late shift tonight."

"You're on."

Jack sat back again and watched Francis. After a goodly amount, Francis sat back, full, he had not eaten it all.

"Ha! I knew it! You couldn't eat it all!"

"You got me there Jack. I guess you can have the rest."

"You ate all the good stuff, I'm not eating that leftover crap. Anyways, now you have to take my late shift tonight."

"You won, fair and square. Hey, did I hear the late shift is doing the bakery dumpster tonight?"

"Really? Crap, I love that dumpster... "

"Well, maybe next time, unless... you could just keep the late shift... if you want...?"

"Geese, thanks Francis, that's real nice of ya, I will." Jack left.

Francis, tummy full, and the whole night to sleep it off, flew back to the barn thinking, 'I swear, I am definitely too damn smart to be a fly!'
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