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Just a humble advice.
Surfing through my old memories always brings up a lot of questions. Where are they now? What happened to him? Where did she go? Why did we ever stop talking? But, in the end, one question just keeps repeating itself in a very loud voice inside my head, What Happened? What happened to our endless conversations? What happened to our trust in each other? What happened to all the love we used to share? If these people went away so easily, should I expect the people I know now to do the same? Then I figured out something, That this is life. I can't expect someone to go through it with me. Everyone of us has his own path and to reach its end he has to go for himself. So don't blame anyone for suddenly disappearing from your life, cause simply, he's living his own life! You want to get back together like the old days? Just raise up the phone and hit him up. I'm certain that as soon as he glances your name calling on his screen he'll have chills all over his body. He'll pick up quickly and BOOM here you are restoring relationships just like nothing happened. Life is short people, so come on, Live it!
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