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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2134538
A group of kid are running through different worlds, trying escaping a flood. Will they?
Part One:

The doors slide open and my crew and I rush out.

I start ordering people to do what thing.

"Alright! Candy, the first button; Baxter, the second; and Amy, third! Go!"

"Alright Jason!" "On it, Jase!" "Right-o, Jase-o!" were their replies.

They rushed off to their assigned spots and it worked like dominoes.

As soon as Candy had reached the button that was on the floor, she stomped it and then the ladder started building itself.

Baxter climbed up the ladder and rushed to the button and stomped on it.

I looked to Amy, and it looked like she was struggling since she stepped wrong in the ice castle and now she has a twisted ankle.

We did our best to bandage it, but with running from floods nonstop, you can't just sit down and rest; you had to keep moving even if you're tired.

Some people started helping her by giving her a piggy back ride, while the others helped with getting Baxter down. You can't climb down, we lost a man when he did that, got burnt by the lava hot water.

I rushed over to help Amy, maybe I shouldn't have assigned her to climb a ladder to get a button; I should've made her get the first button, but I couldn't go back now; gotta learn from our mistakes and move on.

People started groaning about Amy being too heavy, "You know what? Amy, take the next button that's on the ground; I'll take this one. You just make sure she's one of the first persons getting through that gate!" Everyone nodded and a few replied, "Thanks, Jason!" and started helping her towards the gate.

I started climbing that ladder as fast as I could, which is pretty fast considering you've got a flood on your tail.

Someone called out, "Jason! It's the flood! It's getting higher!" and sure enough it was.

I looked to my left and there was a flood starting to rise; pretty soon, it'd start looking green, then red.

I climbed faster, my heart racing a mile a minute.

I got the top, dashed to the button and stomped it hard.

I heard a low bing and the gate started slowly opening.

"Go! Go! Go!" I screamed.

I looked down, no one was down there! Everyone was trying to run for their lives.

"Hey! Hey guys! I'm stuck!" Someone heard my cries and started running towards me: David.

"Jason! Jump! I'll catch you, just hurry!" I looked at the water, it was starting to look green.

I counted in my head; I hoped that I wouldn't cripple him like Amy, that would be really hard.

"1 2 3!" I jumped and didn't land, but fell onto David!

I scurried off and shook him. "David! David! You alright?"

He groaned, rolled over, shook his head and opened his eyes.

"I think I'm okay." He tried to stand up, but howled in pain! "AH!" He clutched his ankle and I looked at the rising flood; a couple more minutes and we'd be sunk. I looked towards the gate, everyone was looking back, checking up on David and me.

"Dude. I'll ask you again. Are. You. Okay?"

"No!" He screamed in my ears. "Sorry man, but I gotta leave this place. I can't be like Amy! I don't wanna be a burden."

"Dude, you gotta come on!"

"No Jason. No. The fight's over for me. Go on." I hesitated. "Go on!"

I dashed a few feet and looked back. "GO!"

I dashed my way up the hill; when I got to the gate, I looked back at David, he looked at me with eyes that said, "I'll be fine." and a small smile.

The waves crashed over him, he screamed, his cries were no more after a few seconds. We had lost another man.

"Let's go!" I yelled in everyone's face to get them out of "I feel sorry for David" land and back into reality.

They dashed in different directions: some to the ladder that had the first button, some to the ledge where a ladder would appear and some to the gate.

Amy was moving slowly, so I picked her up, situated her on my back and ran towards the gate.

When I got there, I surveyed everything that was going on.

People were running in a line, trying to get to the button; others stood near the ladder, waiting for it to materialize; and the rest of the group stood with Amy and me at the gate.

The first button was pushed, then the second, and the third; finally the last gate opens slowly.

I squatted down so Amy could climb off my back without hurting her ankle further, and pulled her aside, whispering in her ear, "Scoot underneath so you'll be the first on the other side.

She nodded, and started squeezing herself under the gate. "Good girl." I thought to myself, then I looked behind us: the water was steadily rising with every passing second and it was starting to look like a mix of green and red.

"Come on gate! Come on! Hurry!" I yelled at everyone.

Finally the gate's hole was big enough for us to squat down and waddle underneath.

We did so, and were on a bridge.

I noticed that Amy was running towards the bridge and I knew what was going through her mind: she was thinking that the board was already there.

"Amy! No! The board's not there yet!" Too late. She tried to stop herself, but when gravity gets moving forward, it won't stop.

Splash! I ran to the gap in the bridge and looked over. I saw her and dove to the right of her. Another Splash!, though this one, bigger.

I looked to my left, the water was dark and murky, but I noticed bubbles that were coming to my left. I swam towards her.

I grabbed her and pulled her up out of the water. She coughed and almost hacked up a lung, it seemed.

"Alright," I said, almost out of breath. "Climb on my back." She obeyed and when I felt a weight on my back, I started swimming.

I swam towards the ladder, "Hang on!" I yelled and started climbing. Water poured off of us like a waterfall.

When we got to the top, I turned to the crowd, "Buttons?" A kid—Xavier—pointed at the direction of the second button, I looked and noticed someone jumping to the final dirt block that held the last button in this world. They jumped and their foot landed on the button. Another low bing and the entryway was open—yes, it looks open from the start, but there's a force field that wouldn't let you through.

"Go." One by one, the rest of us file in a single file line and rush to the exit, just as the flood was about to be right on top of us.

We all get in the box and I start head counting.

"Alright, Baxter." "Here, chief."

"Uh, Candy." "Here!"

"Amy." "Here."

"Xavier." "Right behind you."

"Felicia." "Here, and I was the one that pushed the button."

"Yes, was wondering who that was. Thanks Felicia. Now stop declaring it to the group. You're not a goddess. Okay, Baxter, Candy, Amy, Xavier, Felicia… Uh. Quentin! Where are you?" "Here!"

"There you are. Hazel?" "Here, fearless leader."

"Thank you, sarcastic Hazel. Um… Zigs!" Everyone laughs, I hush them. "Here."

"Thanks Zigs. Okay," I count Baxter, Candy, Amy, Felicia, Xavier, Quentin, Hazel and Zigs on my fingers. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… Ezra! Where you, man?" "Ovs here, Jase!"

"Hey Ez! Okay, that's nine. Savannah?" "Here-uh! Do you think I'd be dead?"

"Uh, no! No, no. Just doing role call. And Udolf." "Here, noble one."

"Okay, I think that's everyone! Zigs, do the honors of mashing that button." "With pleasure, Jason." Ziggy mashed the button and we started going down.

"Twelve people left. Fourteen men and women lost. How will we survive the rest of the onslaught?" I thought to myself. You won't Jason Charleston.

I spun around, and accidentally hit Savannah.

"Uh, don't hit me, Jase-son. You messed up my hair." I had had enough.

"Savannah, we are running from a flood and will keep running from a flood. We don't have time to primp and preen ourselves, because as soon as you do so, you'll be back to running and you'll have to do it again. So please, change your attitude from girly-girl to running from a flood-girl." I turned back to my original position. I looked back at Savannah, and she looked at me with a disgusted look and restarted primping herself. I groaned in disgust and rolled my eyes.

I heard the low bing, I'll have to look for that voice later. The doors open slowly. I couldn't wait any longer.

I tried squeezing through, soon I was free. Splash, splash. I looked down, I was standing in a moat of water that was encircling the doors.

My feet felt hot, the water was turning green.

"Hurry guys! It's turning into acid really fast!" Everyone scurried out of the elevator and jumped over the moat. I got out posthaste and shook off the excess acidic water off my tennis shoes.

I looked back at the moat of water, it was pure green now and was starting to rise.

I was about to shout for someone to get the button, but Quentin was well on his way.

I dashed to the blocks, so he could have back up, just in case he fell or jumped too soon.

He got to the last jump, jumped, and missed, hitting his head on the way down.

I quickly climbed up the blocks and dashed all the way there.

I took the last jump, my heart racing faster than when I was running, because usually it takes us two men to try to get the jump, then the third man gets it. I landed the jump and stumbled a bit before I regained balance.

I dashed and smashed the button with my fist, dashed back to the other side and hopped down, Candy helping with my fall.

We dashed through the doors, but I bumped into everyone and we all fell into a big heap.

I quickly got off and helped everyone up, while doing so I asked them, "Why did you stop? We're running from a flood, you know!" No response, just Xavier pointing at the room—if anyone has to point something out, it's always him.

I looked in the direction of his finger and replied, "What the—" I was interrupted by two low dings. "That's weird," I thought. "It has never done that before." My legs felt like they were burning. I looked at my feet, acid, except it was getting higher faster than before!

"Come on guys! Get that button! Work double time! Let's go, go, go!" I clapped my hands together with each "go" and people dashed off, faster, than I have ever seen them run.

A line formed on the ramp, just in case the same thing happened to someone as it did to Quentin. "Speaking of which, where is he?" I looked around, the water was rising, people were jumping one after the other—most missing the jump, then one made it—and there was a few people at the gate, but I didn't see Quentin!

"Guys! Where's Quentin?" "Right there! In the acid! See him?" Someone yelled at me. I spun around and saw Quentin, sinking in the acid.

I waded into the acid, gritting my teeth because it felt like it was tearing my skin off my legs.

I had to go underwater—or under-acid, more like.

I grabbed Quentin by the shirt and pulled him up.

When I got to air, my lungs felt like they were on fire! The only breathing I heard was mine. "Oh no." I thought.

I threw him over my back and tried to wade through the acid as fast as I could. My legs felt like jelly.

I got on the floor near the gate, my legs looked utterly disgusting. Felicia and Savannah gagged.

I put my ear to Quentin's mouth, no breathing, checked his pulse, none. We had lost another man. Again.

"Okay, who was in charge of Quent?" Everyone pointed at each other. I picked someone. "Baxter! Who was carrying Quentin, do you know?" I asked, getting all up in his face. He shook his head. "Ezra! You know?" Another shaking head. I asked two more people until someone finally spoke up.

"Wait! I know who it was."

I turned and looked at the person who spoke: Candy.

"Who was it, Cand?"

She looked like she was about to cry, tears were starting to form.

"Well, who was it?" I wanted to walk up to her and yell the question in her face, but how could I when she's the closest person I had to a family?

"It was me." Everyone gasped. "I was the person carrying Quentin, but he was getting so heavy and the acid hurt so much that, I had to drop him, otherwise we both would've died."

I wanted to scream in her face all the reasons why she should've pressed on even with the acid like I did, but I couldn't. I loved her too much.

Why would I want to be so cruel to my own flesh and blood?

So instead, I crossed over to her, and held my arms out for her to fall in a give me a hug.

She did so and she spent what felt like hours, crying into my chest. It felt like time had stopped.

When she got up, my entire front chest was drenched in sweat and tears.

My feet felt like they were on fire, and my guess is so did Candy's because she yelped and we both got out of the acid. It was getting nearer by the minute.

"Has anyone pushed the button yet?" Blank faces. "Anyone!" Still, no response. I looked at the acid, it was closer than before.

"Go! Go! Go!" I screamed at everyone, but it was like they were in shock. I snarled in disgust and quickly completed the obstacle course.

I jumped into the acid and had to swim over to the gates. The doors opened and the water pushed me along and I washed out onto the floor. Instead of the acid keeping pursuit, it stopped flowing, then just ran in-between the cracks of the floor, never to be seen again.

I look around, this isn't an escape room! This is like a chamber in a palace!

Chandeliers hanging all around the ceiling, a feet in front of us was a carpet that looked so comfortable, that if you were really tired—like we were—you could just lay down and instantly fall asleep. And so we did.

We thought it would be okay, so we all exchanged looks, Xavier tested out the carpet and fell asleep.

We were just about to do what he did when we noticed that he was breathing harder than you would if you were running from a flood, and then suddenly! He stopped. Just stopped breathing.

We thought that he was just breathing normally now, but before we could resume what was in our hearts to do, spikes started appearing on the carpet!

Xavier woke up, wiggled around trying to get up, but somehow he was tangled in the carpet!

Then, a spike rose through his chest, stabbing him, blood was everywhere. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. Xavier was now with the other dead crew members now.

A few of the girls gasped, our mouths gaped open. We stepped back, we didn't want to get anywhere near the carpet.

Run across the carpet. I looked around, everyone had open mouths—some tried to shut them, but couldn't—there were no speakers that could've said that, and if there were, no one else heard it, because they were still surprised of what had happened to Xavier.

Run across the carpet. "Are you kidding me? That's absurd! I mean, look what happened to Xav!" Everyone looked at me, like I was an alien.

"What, you didn't hear that?" I asked them.

"Hear what, fearless leader? Or are you not so fearless anymore?" Hazel asked me, with a creepy expression on her face. She reminded me of the girl in that horror movie, "Rings" or "The Ring"—I can't remember what it's called because I don't think I used to watch stuff like that, but I do know it had "Ring" in the title.

"Hazel you're creeping me out." She got closer. "Stop it." And surprisingly, she did, like someone had flicked a switch in her body. She went back to the group.

Yes, she was a girl that used to love things dark, and she described herself as an emo or a goth, I can't remember, but that was the first time she acted like she had something like a demon inside of her, controlling her every move!

Run across the carpet, Jason. Instead of asking my question out loud, I decided to ask it my question in my head.

"Why do I need to? I mean, Xavier just fell asleep on it and died! How do I know that you, whoever you are, isn't leading us to our deaths?"

Run across, Jason Charleston. "Okay, mysterious voice. I just hope I don't get stabbed in the process. I'll tell the others."

I turned to everyone. "Guys." They turned and looked at me. "I can't do this! I can't let them do this!" I thought.

Keep going. The voice said.

I sighed. "Guys. I'm gonna ask you to do something that I would never ask for in my entire life, but all of ours depends on it, I think." I sigh again. "We're gonna have to… Run across the carpet."

Murmurs filled the large empty palace room. One person asked, "Are you nuts, Jase?"

"No Ez. I mean yes. Uh, yes and no." Everyone replied, in unison with a "Huh?"

"If we want to get out of here, we're gonna have to run across."

"But we'll die!" Baxter yelled.

"I don't think so, Bax." I sigh. "Should I tell them?" I think to the voice in my head. Yes. Go ahead.

"There's… A voice in my head, and it keeps telling me to run across the carpet."

"But we'll get stabbed, like Xavier! Except in the feet!" "Savannah, chill. We'll be fine. I'm sure if we run as fast as we've run from the flood, we will beat the spikes and no one will be stabbed. Now everyone! In a line! Now!"

Everyone hesitated, but got into a line and Ziggy even got into a sprinter's position, like the sprinters would do before the gun went off.

I got on the right side on the end, because I didn't consider myself the leader, just someone who's really good at giving orders and everyone looks up to me. Alright, I'm a leader.

I yelled out, "Alright! On the count of three, we'll run as fast as we can to the other side! Ready?" Nine heads nod at me. "Three! … Two! … One! Let's gooooo!"

And off we ran, I heard a noise that sounded like spikes popping out of the carpet and sinking back in.

As I ran, I noticed that Udolf and Ziggy were ahead of the group, in fact they were what felt like miles ahead of us!

"I can't… Do this… Anymore… I… Quit." Amy. I stop what I'm doing, run over to her, sling her across my back and dash off before a spike could go through my foot.

"Jason, I'm done. I'm tired of running. Just throw me out to the spikes and let be be stabbed like Xavier." Amy said breathlessly.

I huffed and puffed, and replied, "Not on my account, Amy. You're too good a friend to leave to die—even if you do have a sprained ankle, which may now be broken. You're a trooper Amy. Always have been. And even if you don't believe in yourself, I still do, and I still believe that you're gonna make it through this!"

I sped up. My heart pounded a million times per second; my lungs felt like they were on fire; my legs felt like jelly; my whole body screamed "Stop! We need to slow down!", but my brain knew that if I slowed down, Amy and I would be stabbed, so I pressed on.

"Jason, you need to slow down. I know you're trying to save me, but really I'm fine with dying."

"Stop!" I yelled at her. "Stop thinking that you're ready to die! You're not! I know that if I leave you lying on this comfortable carpet, spikes will come get you, you'll change your mind and you'll suddenly wish that I haven't left you."

I thought I heard crying, then I felt my shoulder was wet, my ears had heard it right: Amy was crying.

Suddenly, the floor vibrated and shook beneath my feet.

I kept running, but then I decided to look behind me. Bad idea.

I gasped and tried running faster than before; I couldn't, my legs couldn't go any faster than they have been going.

"What's wrong, Jason? Why did you try to pick up speed?"

I replied while she was saying 'speed', "Don't look behind you! No matter what, just don't look behind you!"

"What's wrong, Jason? They're just spikes."

"It's not the spikes. This is much worse!" I kept on running.

"What is it? Let me see!"

"No! Don't!" Too late. She looked. She screamed in my ear. "That's what I was afraid of." I thought to myself.

She was now no longer wanting to die, thankfully, but now she was Little Miss 'Scream Jason's Ears Off'.

"Amy! Shush! I can't hold on to you and listen to you scream at the same time!"

"Is the ground freaking caving in?" Amy yelled in my ear. The ground felt like it was disappearing from under my feet after I stepped. I almost slipped on the edge of the crack.

"If that's what your eyes told you, then yes, the ground is freaking caving in!" I yelled over the roar of the ground groaning as fell from underneath my feet.

I knew I probably wouldn't make it, the ground was about a few feet in front of me, but if I kept this pace up, I knew I wouldn't be able to make it, but if I threw Amy, maybe she would.

"Amy! Climb around my body so you'll be in front of me!" I yelled.

"What? Are you nuts?" She yelled back.

"Just do it!" She did, and it was a struggle, but she got from my back to my front and I was holding onto her like a baby.

"Alright, on the count of three, I'm gonna throw you!" I got a "WHAT!"

I yelled at everyone else who were on the other side already. "Guys! Get ready for a flying package!" Everyone had the same "Are you nuts?" look on their faces, except for Udolf, who just stood there with a blank face and nodded.

"Ready, Amy?" She shook her head. "Didn't think so. One, two, three!" I threw her up into the air and somehow, even though it looked like I just threw her into the air straight up, she got over to the other side and landed in everyone's arms.

I stumbled a little, but regained my balance. I looked at the ground. The carpet was gone, it was just tan looking, dusty desert dirt that was crumbling near my heels.

A few minutes later, I was almost to the edge. The floor was about to crumble from beneath my feet. I leapt towards the edge. Everyone reached out to catch me. I missed. I fell into the black abyss.
Part Two:

I fell for what felt like hours; I screamed like never before, and kept doing flips and flapping my arms through the air.

Finally I landed on my back, the air rushed out of my lungs like a stampede of cattle.

I felt something like air or smoke whoosh out from under me after I landed.

I laid there for a few minutes, taking deep, long breaths, then I opened my eyes.

I looked into blackness above, I sat up, slowly because my head hurt, and looked around.

It was as dark as it was above, but then my eyes adjusted.

There was black dust covering the floor, bones and skeletons everywhere, and the air made me feel weird inside.

I felt like I should stand up and belt out a weird, evil song while I turned into something horrifying.

Suddenly, I felt the ground shaking beneath me.

I looked around, then I saw a person walking towards me. With each step that the person took, the ground shook beneath me.

I plopped face down on the ground, like I thought I was going to be shaken off a cliff—plus I felt in my heart that this person was so special, you couldn't just look them in the eye.

The person stopped a few feet in front of me, and held their arm out.

I looked at the outcast arm, puzzled, then I felt some weird tingling in my fingers—kind of like the tingling you'd get when your foot's asleep, but much worse.

I looked at the fingers on my left hand, the tips were gone and the fingers were growing shorter by the minute!

I ran towards the outstretched arm and my left hand disappeared completely!

Don't run, Jason. I stopped and looked at the person. He sounded like the voice I kept hearing.

In order for you to reach me with a full body, you must walk towards me; no matter how much of your body you lose, you must trust me.

I started waking towards him and my arm was only slowly disappearing, unlike disappearing like it did when I ran.

I kept my focus on the strange man and kept walking. The tingling was driving me crazy, I wanted it to stop, but I didn't know how to stop it.

When he stopped, he looked to be only a few feet away, but as I walked closer and closer, he seemed to be getting farther and farther away!

I ran, but then noticed that the tingling intensified and when I looked down, my right arm was gone.

I slowed down; I tried to have patience, I really did! But the fact that the man seemed to get only farther away instead of nearer made me want to run towards him, even if I did lose my body.

"What am I thinking? I might be killing myself!" I thought to myself.

After a few minutes of walking forward and getting nowhere near the man, I just simply decided to jump towards him.

"One… Two… Three!" I leapt and our finger tips touched.

Everything started going backwards like someone was rewinding a movie.

Everything I thought and said, every movement I did, everything that happened in that black abyss was backwards.

I couldn't stop walking and talking backwards.

Then I started falling, not down, but up!

Then everything that happened in that big room with the red carpet, that scene started going backwards as well!

It went on for a few minutes of the scene rewinding to before Quentin's death and when we were in the room with the moat around the elevator.

Then the scene stopped, I looked around, everyone and everything was frozen, like someone had pressed pause on a movie, then I decided to hit Savannah, "She won't know that I hit her, she's frozen."

As soon as I hit her, everything started playing!

"Ugh, don't hit me, Jase-son. You'll mess up my hair!" Savannah repeated again.

"Woah, deja vu. Or is it?" I thought curiously.

I looked at Savannah and she looked at me, and then continued primping herself.

"You know…" I started to say. Savannah looked at me with "Yes?" written all over her face. I decided to not repeat what happened before and see what would happen. "Nothing. I had a thought, but now I've lost it." Savannah continued with what she was doing.

I just looked at the doors, but felt like I was being watched.

Sure enough, I looked around and everyone looked at me with quizzical expressions.

The doors opened and everyone rushed out, except for me.

I was dumbfounded at what I saw, I didn't see the room that repeated itself twice, and killed Quentin. What I looked into was a bright, white light, shining brightly in my eyes.

I thought my eyes were about to be burned, but I was fine.

I felt like a fool a few seconds later, because I decided to walk towards the white light, then everything went black.

Later, my eyes opened, looking at a navy blue ceiling with little glow-in-the-dark stars painted on them.

I sat up and looked around the dark room.

I saw little lines of sunlight, streaming through the slatted blinds and lighting up the floor.

I climbed out of bed, put on my black slippers and walked to the blinds.

I should've pulled them up slowly because the sudden change of the room turning from darkness to light in a second, blinded me for a few seconds.

I blinked and looked around the cul-de-sac that we lived on. One of the awesome things about my room is the fact that my bedroom's on the second floor, so I literally get a bird's eye view—at least, that's what it feels like.

I saw a group of kids marching along the street, and they were walking towards my house.

I coughed, opened the window and yelled, "Hey guys!" My throat hurt and I coughed some more.

My friends looked up, some waved and others replied my yell with their own yells—their replies, of course, differed between the person.

"Hey dude! How's the sore throat comin' along?" "Hi Jason! You feeling any better?" "Jason! You better be getting better! Also, guess what! My foot's all better! See?" Amy walked around and she looked absolutely normal!

"Awesome Amy!" I coughed some more. "Come on up! I can't yell like this any longer!" I coughed as I closed the window.

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in," I said in a raspy voice.

My mom opened the door.

"Why hello, Jason. How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess. My throat still hurts."

"Well, I brought you some juice, some honey and lemon mixed together, and an orange." My mom showed the tray that was once concealed behind the door when she poked her head in.

Ding dong! My mom placed the tray on my dresser and headed downstairs.

I took the glass of juice and took a swig. It felt good on my throat. I drank some more.

"Jason! Your friends are here to see you!" My mom called.

Instead of calling back, I put down the juice and headed downstairs.

When I got to the door, some of my friends were holding up a sign that said, "Get Well Soon, Jase!" and others were extending out little gifts that were wrapped up in ribbon and had a tag on it that said things like, "We miss you, Jason." "Get back on the cul-de-sac, boi!" "Beat that cold out of you, dude!" and other sayings.

My mom grabbed a basket for us to put the items in.

"Do you think that you'll be well enough to get back to playing with us soon, Jason?" Baxter asked me, and the looks on the other kid's faces read the same thing.

"Well, maybe. I'll have to eat up and drink up on the good stuff so I can get better. But I'll be back asap, okay?" Everyone nodded and Ezra gave me a high five.

"Well you better be better before tonight." Ziggy told me.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Because we've got a party planned for you tonight!" Some of my friends threw confetti on me, the others blew noisemakers and everyone joined in yelling, "Surprise!"

"Well, thanks guys, and I've got a surprise for you too! But you'll have to squeeze it in somewhere." I said, all sneaky like.

"What's it? What's it?" Xavier asked.

I motioned them to come closer, and whispered to them, "I had an awesome dream last night."

"Really?" Felicia asked as they backed away. "What was the dream about?"

I grinned at them slightly. "You'll have to find out tonight. Meanwhile, I gotta write it all down so I can remember it for tonight. Bye!" Then I slammed the door in their faces.

I stood looking at the door for a little bit, and then was startled by a voice.

"So who was at the door?" I felt like I jumped three feet in the air!

"Candy! Stop acting like a cat!" I yelled at my younger sister. She giggled and asked her question again.

"So, who was at the door, Jason?"

"Uh, my friends, they dropped off goodies and told me that they're throwing me a 'Get Better' party tonight."

She walked around me like a cat: slow, long strokes across the carpet. "You know they're also my friends as well, right?"

"Yeah, of course I do, Cands. Could you just stop that? I gotta go be up in my room. I need quiet so I can write something down for tonight."

I made my way up the stairs, then she stopped me. "Whatcha writing down?"

I replied after I stopped, "A dream that I had last night," I turned around and looked at her. "and you can only hear about it if you come tonight, got it?" She nodded and I continued walking up the stairs.

In my room, I grabbed a pencil and some paper and started writing down what I had dreamed. It was pretty easy, since it was so vivid.

'Part One of My Dream: Running From Disaster with Friends.' Okay, I know it's not the best title, but it was all I could think of at the time, plus I didn't want to think just about the title and forget about my dream.

I started writing, about how I started out with all twenty-six kids that lived on the cul-de-sac; and how with each room, someone had to die in order for us to enter the next room, otherwise, we would repeat the same room; the room with the red carpet, my experience in the black abyss and the end of my dream.

Later that day, I felt a lot better than I had that morning.

I got dressed and when I opened the door, Ziggy was there to greet me.

"I'm going to take you to where the party is. I'm kind of your Uber driver." We both laughed. I decided we should take my bike and ride there; Ziggy agreed, and since I was the only one who was tall enough to reach the pedals, I was the driver and he was the GPS. He even joked about it by trying to sound like one.

When we got to the party, it was like it was deserted. Then out of the blue, people jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" then the party really started.

We had dance-offs, food—lots of it—, and the story of the dream I had last night.

Everyone looked enthralled as I told the story.

When I mentioned that one of the twenty-six kids died, that kid responded with, "Aw man! Why did I have to leave when it was just getting good?" and we laughed.

A few hours later, we started heading back to our homes, every one of us twenty-six kids, and their parents, said "Good night." to the other twenty-five of us.

When I got home, I was so tired, I fell asleep in my dad's arms and he had to carry me to my bed and tuck me in.

Well, that's the end of my story. Good night.
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