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Something for everyday life...
You know what happens when you try to control everything? You start losing your shit. you lose your friends, you lose your mind, you lose yourself. I wish it wasn't this way, but it sadly is. You start with the mood swings that lead to bad temper. Basically you are not angry at the world, but angry at yourself because you are letting the world get to you. You used to be fine and trying every time, but now you take it as impossible. Even the simplest of tasks make you feel worthless as though you weren't enough from the start. You start to give up on things you liked, people you talked to and then suddenly you are left with nothing. You start drifting towards this empty space, this hallow area where nothingness awaits. Even though you try, it's not enough. The time passes and you are still stuck in that chair you first sat at when you got lost. It was not easy, but it doesn't seem hard now.
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