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A fun piece I would like to share with everyone..
One Word /Two Meanings

Just wanted to share!

Crane and Crane
shouldn't be spelled the same.

I'm not content
with this content.

I object to the object.

I need to read
what I read again.

Excuse me, but there's
no excuse for this.

Someone should wind this post up
and throw it in the wind.

Bear with me,
I almost hit a Bear.

Our sow is big and healthy,
but I need to sow some plant seeds.

Your standing too close to me.
I thought I asked you to close the door?

You take the lead,
I'll carry the heavy lead pipe.

He plays a nice bass guitar.
We went bass fishing all day.

I feel naked and bare
This meal tastes bare.

Just because you are a character,
doesn't mean you have character.

When you lose your temper you lose your cool.
Hot cookies should cool before you eat them.

I need to bore a hole in this wood with my drill.
This was just for fun, so I'll go now before I bore you.

Tag: *Tophat*
Tag: *Tophat*

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