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All over the world people are fighting for freedom. But what does it actually mean?
Freedom is such a controversial subject. All over the world people are fighting or demonstrating for freedom. But what does it actually mean?
For the caged and abused animals of this cruel world, it means a first time run in fields of green. An exhilarating jump out of the vast, free oceans. Free from the cruel experimenting or cheap tricks to keep the human apes informed and entertained.
To the kids working from dark to dark in soul retching factories producing products for an ever increasing human race’s greed — Freedom would be waking to a day of doing exactly as they please.
To the slave of commercialism and governments -freedom is to realize that it is not worth it — Money does not buy happiness. We have an ever-increasing economy with ever growing needs and an even faster-growing suicide and addiction rate.
We were not created for this; we were not placed on this earth for the constant race to nowhere day after day. We were created to rise with the sun and go to sleep with the moon. To eat what Mother Earth and your own hands have provided. It was given and will always be given if we only worked with her and stopped destroying her.
The ocean is empty, the earth is dying.
We need a new freedom. A freedom from governance, a freedom from commercialism, a freedom from greed and want, a freedom from being ‘human.’ We need a freedom of soul; we need to be free beings, free to be what our souls want to be.
Our souls want to be FREE.

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