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by Camila
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Thank You to everyone who emailed me in regards to my writing "Confused".
You'll never know how to love me right. I know that now. I know that. I have realized that you can give a person five thousand chances but they will still let you down every time.
It is in some peoples nature to hurt others. It is in my nature to forgive. I am not going to sit here and take it anymore.I am not going to continue to let you use your hands to fix other people while you are breaking me.
I was there for you. I remember when you were shy. I was the only one who stuck around. Now you are surrounded by people and you do not need me anymore. I was the only girl your age in the entire world who would have done anything for you.
I am leaving now. I am exiting your life as quietly as I can and making sure not to slam the back door to your world so loudly.
One day you will realize I am missing and you will try to fill my spot will some other nobody that you call you're a friend, but trust me, that spot will always be empty.
I am just so tired of loving a person who only loves me back when it is convenient.

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