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by Fangus
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Let's just say it's about pink fluffy unicorns...based on a true story!

Mr. Ed And Lucky Charms

It all started out innocently enough. On a bright summer morning during the year of 2017, Rory O’Reilly crawled out of bed, put his bathrobe on, and went downstairs to enjoy his favorite breakfast: a big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. After setting his place at the table, he sat down and began pouring his magically delicious morning meal into the bowl, but before the receptacle was even half full, Rory suddenly stopped, his eyes wide with confusion. This morning there was not only the usual orange stars, yellow moons, pink hearts, and green clovers mixed in with his frosted oats, but now it appeared something new had been added!

Why are there pink fluffy unicorns in me Lucky Charms? he wondered.

Rory was not used to change, and he didn’t much cotton to this strange new addition to his most important meal of the day! Feeling slightly more agitated than depressed, he pushed the bowl away and decided to check his mail. Imagine his surprise when he opened his front door and found a neatly wrapped box sitting on his doorstep! And then imagine his delight when he read the card on the box that said, ‘Happy Birthday, Rory!”

Me birthday! he thought. How could I have forgotten it was me birthday?

Not being able to contain his excitement, he immediately ripped the wrapping off the box and opened it. But imagine his disappointment when he discovered it was a pink fluffy pillow in the shaped of…yep, you guessed it: a unicorn!

What in blazing Blarney Stones is going on here? he wondered.

Disgruntled and dismayed, Rory tossed the pillow aside and reentered his humble abode, completely forgetting about checking the mail. Next I’ll be seeing pink fluffy bunny rabbits like that one in the ‘Energizer’ commercial!

But of course that would never happen in a story like this, because as soon as he stepped back into his living room he was greeted by a real, living, life size, pink fluffy unicorn! But this wasn’t your normal, real, living, life size, pink fluffy unicorn; this one could talk!

“Happy birthday, Rory!” it said in a voice that sounded like a poor imitation of Mr. Ed from that old television show back in the 50’s and ‘60’s.

That was the last thing Rory’s feeble little mind could handle. He abruptly collapsed to the floor in a dead faint.

Now, normally I’d end the story right here, but that would be too easy. Besides, it doesn’t really have an ending, does it?

So for purposes of finality and clarity, let’s do this:

When Rory was discovered several hours later, he was quickly rushed to a hospital, where he happily lived out the rest of his days eating Lucky Charms cereal, sleeping soundly on a pink fluffy pillow in the shape of a unicorn, and conversing with his therapist by the name of Mr. Ed, who was…yep, you guessed it: a real, living, life size, pink fluffy unicorn!

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