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Diary of an old guy, maybe
I've got a pre-op doctor's appointment tomorrow, probably a couple of tests, blood urine, too. The surgeon mentioned an EKG. Well, I am "older".
It's not the operation everyone expected, the lobotomy, but it should tighten up some old parts so they don't fall off. My Friday lunch group doesn't know yet but I'll probably slip it in between the chips and salsa and the enchiladas. It's hard to compete with those guys, medically speaking. We're all over seventy and we've had time to accumulate scars and maladies. We used to talk about investments and politics, now it's a rigorous medical check in with the one getting the most flinches, the winner. We still talk about politics but it gives us all an upset stomach.
I've been lax in the updates over the past year. Richard always seems to have me beat out, well, most of us beat out, with tales of the testicular wars. Maybe he won't be at lunch this Friday and I can rack up a few points. An old guy needs a few victories, ya know.
Anyway, surgery in a week or so, outpatient of course, wouldn't want to get too much sympathy. You still need to be a bit macho to hold your own.

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