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by Brown
Rated: E · Short Story · Young Adult · #2135223
The short story of a young preteen actress turned destructive giantess
It was the beginning of a brand new day in Tokyo,Japan and at the famous Toei Company one little girl was about to have her greatest dreams come true.

At this moment young 11 years old Soyumi was rampaging around in a pretend Godzilla costume that fit her small frame was knocking over buildings made of card board and cars made of rubber and foam were getting flattened by her feet although she was having some major fun she had to admit this wasn't what she expected today Soyumi was by all appearances a very pretty and intelligence girl of 11 with long raven hair down her back,soft,intoxicating brown eyes and a slim feature and there were several rumors in the Japanese film industry that many adult men secretly lusted after her too bad for them Soyumi had body guards everywhere but in reality she didn't need them as a child prodigy she took karate as well.

For a girl as young as Soyumi acting in monster movies wasn't a strange thing at all in fact compared to other actresses who mostly took role in anime roles and commercials she liked to play in giant monster movies ever since she was a little girl of 3 and was chosen among hundreds of hopefuls she proved to have the acting part down pat,some even referred to her as Japan's own Shirley Temple as she was that good! But stayed away from starring in little kids' cartoons or commercials promoting candy,toys or hygienic products instead she insisted she wanted to act in movies featuring monsters of any size and description and had been in dozens of giant monster movies so many she herself lost count Soyumi even before starring in her first film had a obsessed love for watching giant monsters invade and destroy cities on TV from the American King Kong to the mighty lizard and his own countless films she watched and memorized them all and that of course was how she became so good in acting as the monsters in films even the citizens of Japan who came to see her in movie premieres and saw her films several times often referred to her as a real live kaiju only small well unknown to everyone that was about to change.

On this particular day following her latest movie shoot of a new project Soyumi was given a special present from someone who wished to remain anonymous the only thing she found was a note that said:All your secret desires are about to come to life."

"Wonder who sent this?" She thought as she ripped open the package to find a small vial of blue like liquid she uncorked it and took a sniff "Yuck smells revolting! But I wonder if whoever sent this was telling the truth....that whatever is this stuff will make me gigantic....ohhhh I have to find out for....." Bug she was interputted by her managers banging on her trailer informing her the director was ready to begin another day of shooting but Soyumi wasn't about to be discerned from her lifelong dream and without hesitation she gulped down the blue liquid before getting a disgusted look on her face then slowly passed out.

Once she came to Soyumi slowly lifted her head up and immediately heard people screaming she looked around highly confused but couldn't see anyone it was only when she happened to look down that she saw quite a shock: hundreds,no thousands of people looking like teensy,tiny dolls no little moving dots it was hard to see their faces properly but Soyumi sensed terror,panic and beyond bewilderment from each and everyone of them

"Ahhhhhhhh It's a monster!!!" One man from below screamed as he pointed up

"Noooooooo it's...its Soyumi...She.....she's become a giant!!"

"EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!" Screamed a third as utterly confused Soyumi slowly bent forward her giant face blocking out the sun and a majority of the sky the people shivering with fear could see every freckle on her face as she looking blankly at them whispered

"Hmmmmmm what just happened....... Why is everything so small?" The very whisper of her voice sent people flying then Soyumi slowly stood to her full terrifying height a stunning 200 feet she practically towered over the biggest buildings in Tokyo and there was already talk about evacuation and getting the military involved

"How did I grow so......" Soyumi thought then her mind flashed back to the bottle and the blue liquid she drank a few hours ago and a wide smile came over her pretty young face

"It's come true my wish to be gigantic has been made a reality!!" She cried out several people covered their ears as the sheer volume caused them to bleed and horrible earaches Soyumi looked down at the terrified crowd and a wicked idea formed into her mind "Oh yeah no more pretending to be make believe monsters for me,this is going to be sooooooooo fun!!!" She cried grinning widely then raised a enormous foot and WHAM!! She flattened a dozen small office buildings with people in them!

At the sight of her crushing a few office buildings the crowd knew little innocent,beloved Soyumi of countless monster movies had finally snapped,her dream to become a giant monster had come true and she was relishing in the moment they immediately started running but there was no escape as Soyumi sensing her new playthings were getting away roared in anger and her roar sounded exactly like Godzilla! The shockwaves it generated caused tremors to form in the streets and several people fell through a few of the cracks to their doom the giant preteen actress took a step crushing several people under her heel "Ohhh this is so fun! I'm going up enjoy this very much!! I wonder what other kind of powers I have now? Hopefully Atomic breath or perhaps......." Then she spat out huge purple beams of plasma from her eyes it melted through several buildings like a knife through butter

"Ohhh really neat! I'm starting to like this!! But the people don't seem to be paying attention to me how rude!!" She pouted then stomped her foot several were knocked off their feet during their mad rush to get to safety and stared fearfully up at the young giantess.

"How very rude of you go run away and after everything I've done to make monster movies all exciting and entertaining again! You would dare run away when I'm not done yet......stay still for a minute." She instructed the people exchanged looks at each other then began pleading with the girl not to do anything rash but Soyumi smiled and wiggled her finger at them

"Ah,ah naughty,naughty you're all acting like immature children and if you're going to act that way then I'll treat you like children!!" And she picked several screaming citizens up and set them on top of buildings standing hundreds of feet in the air leaving them virtually stranded unable to get down or escape as for the others who began hassling and running again Soyumi lowered her lower backside to them and sat fully on top of them giggling their feeble attempts to get away and liking the ticklish squirming they were giving her rump.

As Soyumi continued her playful rampage of Tokyo the special military titled 'Response To Eliminate All Monsters Imaginary Or Real' or RTEAMIOR(yeah a mouthful I know!) came swooping in with all their heavily armored battle tanks,soldiers with futuristic jet packs,giant Mechas about half the size she was and attack helicopters to make war with the young giantess but after a few more purple plasma blasts and swipes from her fists they all were either nothing but bits of rubble or metal or retreating into the distance leaving the city to whatever games or suffering Soyumi had in store.

Her lifelong dream had just become a reality and all of Japan and soon the rest of the world would be her playground.

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