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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2135284
A day in the life of a mole
Once upon a time, there was a mole, his name was Nevus. He liked to hang out with his friends every day. They became known as the Terrible Nevi. Some were big, some were small, some short, and some a little tall, some old, and some brand-new. Every day, they would try to snag things passing by; like fine material, chains, and jewelry, just to be spiteful. If they were not careful though, this could mean their demise.

One day, this particularly l-a-r-g-e mole decided to change his appearance. He dyed his skin a very dark brown and gained a lot of weight making him look irregular and rather lumpy. Because of that, unseen forces were set in motion. Little did he know, this would not work out as he planned.

Soon a great darkness covered the land and as he looked about, only to discover all his friends had been knocked-out cold! *Shock2* Until finally, the only one stirring was Nevus and some strange alien with a long pointy snout. "Ouch!" he thought, he'd been attacked. "Wait, what is happening?" Before he knew it, this alien had swiped him with his sword a few times and carried him away.

Now Nevus found himself in a strange land, cold, hard and very small, dare I say, a sterile-looking environment? He was shut away from everything that was familiar. Soon, he became bored and simply fell asleep.

HUGE sounds could be heard outside his new home. The Doctor said, "Mrs. Jones, here is the mole we removed from your neck!" Mrs. Jones replied, "Oh, how ugly! What now Doctor?" The Doctor replied, "well we are shipping this off to PATH right now and I'll call you with the results. For now, keep this area clean and dry. Have a good day, GoodBye". Mrs. Jones said, "Thank you Doctor and Good Bye!".

Now Nevus found himself in utter darkness being shaken all around when suddenly things became very still. "Whoa" thought Nevus, "what's with the bright lights?" as he slid from the darkness onto a cold hard surface. When all of a sudden he felt the sword again... "Ouch!". He tried to fight and zip about the tiny plate he had been placed on to no avail. Drawing his last breath knowing he was a goner, he just gave up and died.

Today, they have a popular saying in Moleville, "The only good mole, is a gone mole". The End.
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