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Ideal Gas Law proof

Proof That Carbon Dioxide Is Not Causing Global Warming

The Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT

For P, use the partial pressure of CO2 at 400 parts per million: 0.0004 atm.

For n, use 1 (1 mole)

R is the gas constant, 0.082057 (liters x atm)/(mol x kelvin)

T is an approximation of average global temperature, 14o C = 287 K (Kelvin)

Solve for V. The answer is roughly 60,000. That is the number of liters of atmosphere that contains one mole of Carbon Dioxide molecules.

Now calculate the space that one mole of CO2 molecules actually occupies;

1 mole is Avogadro's number of molecules or 6.022 x 1023 molecules.

The volume of a CO2 molecule is less than (200 pm)3 - pm is picometers or 10-12 m

And m is meters. I am assuming that a CO2 molecule is cube of 200 pm on an edge. It is actually smaller than that so this is a conservative estimate.

The volume of a CO2 molecule is 8 x 10-29 m3. Multiply by 6 x 1023, and the space occupied by a mole of carbon dioxide is 5 x 10-5 cubic meters. That equals 0.05 liters.

Now divide the volume of atmosphere that contains a mole of carbon dioxide by the volume of actual space that those molecules take up. The answer is 3.0 x 106 or three million. That is the ratio of the volume of space that contains any amount of CO2 to the space that the molecules themselves actually occupy. That is to say, on average, every carbon dioxide molecule inhabits a region of space three million times its size.

Now, try to build a greenhouse that has one unit of glass and three million units of space, and see if it raises the temperature within. It will not. It is like suspending one cubic inch of glass somewhere in the average living room after having turned off the furnace or air conditioner and measuring the temperature before and after. There will be no change.

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