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A story about the power of belief … A Pink Fluffy Unicorn Birthday Contest Entry
Lucy and Ursula – A Modern Day Fable

Lucy absent-mindedly ran her tongue over her braces. She sighed as she stared through the cellophane window on the box. Inside, a fuzzy pink unicorn rested. Not just any fuzzy pink unicorn but the Wonder Unicorn that talked and walked and even knew your name! Well, after you record it, of course. The thought made her smile for a moment.

“Lucy! Get busy, honey, it’s not going to wrap itself,” her mother advised from the kitchen doorway.

“It’s unfair, Mom. Can’t I just skip the party and keep the present for me? I’m the unicorn lover. Emily just likes them.”

“Lucy. We’ve been over this. Emily is your best friend and you chose this just for her. It’s not her fault that it was the last one. They said at the store that more will be coming soon. We can discuss whether or not you’ll get one … after the party.”

Lucy scrunched her face at the warning. “OK, Mom.” She finished wrapping the gift in purple paper with silver embossed stars and topped it off with a shiny rainbow-hued bow. “There! It’s only a silly toy anyway,” she muttered, her face belying the words.

“Lucy, that’s beautiful,” Mom said in an approving tone. “Now, off with you! You don’t want to be late.”


Lucy walked down the street. The “unicorn park,” where she and Emily played out their fantasies, was just ahead. She looked at her watch and saw she had time before the party started. She directed a thought at the package. You may not be mine but I can let you see your future home before I hand you over. She went to her favorite bench and sat the box down. “Those bushes over there are the secret hideout where you live.”

She walked over to the playground. “This slide is really a rainbow. We have fun sliding down it and the swings are how we fly.” She glanced at her watch again. “Ooops. I’d better move or I’ll be late.” She began skipping toward the sidewalk but suddenly froze; she had left the package.

Lucy ran back to the bench but the present was gone! “Noooo!” she wailed. In a panic, she checked all around and even retraced her steps. There was no sign of it.

Lucy went to the bench and sat, her eyes filling with tears. What have I done? Emily will be so disappointed … and Mom will think I kept it for myself. She sat, her hands covering her face, worry and sadness overwhelming her.

As she wiped at her eyes, a glimmering of color caught her attention. Looking around, she found that she was surrounded by a riot of shimmering reds, oranges, greens, and blues. Startled, she jumped up, looking skyward and saw a rainbow soaring into the sky – and she was standing at its end!

Movement caught her eye. She lifted her hand to block the glare and saw a dark spot moving – spinning actually – down the rainbow. What’s that? It can’t be … She suddenly realized it was heading straight for her. “Eeeeek!” she cried, jumping out of the way before something landed with a loud, wet PLOP!

Lucy stared in slack-jaw wonder as the creature stood up. It shook itself off, it mane looking like a mop flopping in the wind, water flying in all directions. "Hey!" Lucy shouted, ducking to avoid the spray. “Are you… You’re a unicorn! Oh my God. You’re a real unicorn!” the last delivered in a shriek. She couldn’t believe it. It stood about three-foot tall, appeared to be white except when its fur caught the light and then it had a definite pink cast.

“Tnhh dhhh bhhh,” it said.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak unicorn,” she said sadly.

“Tnhh dhhh bhhh,” it said again, this time with a demanding tone to its voice.

Lucy stared at it blankly for a moment before she realized it held a star embossed, purple package in its mouth. “My missing gift!” She reached over and gingerly took the box from the unicorn’s mouth.

“That’s better,” it said. “I was saying ‘take the box.’ I wasn’t talking unicorn; it’s just really hard to speak when your mouth is full,” it said, flashing a smile. "Sorry about the water. It is a rainbow, after all."

“Who? What? How?” she stammered.

“You forgot why, when, and where,” it laughed.

Lucy smiled. “I’m Lucy,” she introduced herself. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t have one.”

Lucy looked shocked. “You don’t have a name? Everyone has a name.”

“Well, I will,” it said. “You see, I’m your unicorn. It was your belief in me that brought me to you. You have to name me.”

“Mine?” A grin spread across her face. “This is too cool.” Her face scrunched as she fell into thought. Finally, she looked up and smiled. “Ursula. Your name is Ursula,” she pronounced.

The unicorn thought for a minute as if trying it on. “Lucky for you I’m a girl,” she laughed. “Yes, Ursula it is!”

Lucy felt her cheeks flush. “I’ve got so many questions …”

“And so little time,” Ursula said. “Don’t you have a birthday party to go to?”

“Oh my goodness. I almost forgot.” She looked at the birthday present and held it out. “How did you find me?”

“It wasn’t that hard. You did write your name on the card,” Ursula grinned. “Now, before we go, there’s something you should know. No one else can see or hear me. So, you can’t just be talking to me anywhere. People will think you are weird.”

Now it was Lucy’s turn to grin. “I’m twelve years old, with braces, and taller than all the boys in my class.”

Ursula laughed. “Point taken! Now, let’s get going. I’ve never been to a party before.”

As they approached Emily’s house, Lucy suddenly stopped. “What’s wrong?” asked Ursula.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a fable?”

Ursula stood on tiptoes and looked at the top of the page. “Yes. At least that’s what it says.”

“How did you do that?” Lucy asked.

“I’m magic. I can do all sorts of things.”

“You’re not very good at sliding down rainbows,” Lucy chided her.

:”Hey! That was my first time. I just need a little practice,” she said, sticking her tongue out.

“Well, don’t fables have a moral or lesson at the end?”

“Lucy! Not now. We’re going to be late.”

“How about ‘A friend in …’ No, that doesn’t make sense. I know! Never look a gift …”

“Lucy! I’m not a horse and the gift was IN my mouth,” Ursula chuckled. “Now, let’s go before we’re late.”

Lucy couldn’t stop grinning as they walked up the porch stairs to Emily’s front door.


“Seeing is not believing; believing is seeing!” ~ Eric Butterworth

“Hey Ursula, did you see that? I feel better now.”

“Lucy! Ring the bell for Pete’s sake! The story is over.”

Lucy laughed. “No, Ursula, I think it’s just beginning…”

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An entry for the Birthday Round of "The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest
Prompt: Write the best story possible about Unicorn(s) and Birthday(s).
Division: Short Story
Word limit: 2000
Word Count: 1169
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