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poem of life without love
Feel like each day
Climbing out the grave
With dirt still hitting me on my head
Who put a coffin in a skyscraper anyway
With a glass bottom
I can see all that I came from
Still feels like a prison
Even though I'm this high up
This Makes me want to get high
Cause all I can see is the dirt
Falling out the sky
Why the hell is that as natural as rain
It sure ain't right
Perspectives say it's all it can be
No better or worse just keeping even
Even with a ever increasing downpour
Damn this time last week had the wind at my back
Head full of true dreams
Wearing a suit made of cream (march 14th of date)
Pockets full of the love not missed but present
The presence I haven't felt for some time
So drawn away can't have fun.
Nothing but the perspectives form all around me
Featureless faces no doubt smiling behind thier close off eyes
Blind cannot see but live happy in dreams
Sick of this dirt on my face
Wash it everyday still comes back
What is it, I truly deserve?
Deserve its not what you order
But what life gives you in return
Not for the great things youve done
Or the things you plan to do
But the cold hearted bitch of time that gives what you don't want
And sometimes what you do
we try to figure out where we land on the wordless menu
Trying to find out when we'll be served
When we know we can't order what we want
Perspective's keep talking
The Truths not in anybody
It does Seem to exsits for fleeting moments
Which emotionally can only be proven
And usually in a dream
Which is made true when met with reality
I wonder if they get to know one another
No not a drawn out process
Just instantaneous perfection
The dream is perfect for the time
The place fits the dream
And the feeling just explodes over them both
Until neither exists
And it exist for those that can see it coming
A wonderful truth
Not made by schedule
Or willed to existence
but a piece of God saying hello
And then perspectives wonder why we chase dreams
Chasing God in the here and now hungry for more
Falling on my face for two years know
In shock from my lack of it
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