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Love of vashtie
Vashtie you are like the rising sun warming my blood through the surface of my skin melting me from the outside in with your soft touch gliding along my skin like a dancer reaching for the apex to the hill teasing one of my sesistive nerves as you cup the base of my desire your mouth is close to my ear wispering a his tone of my fingers resting on your button of love I curl my fingers guiding my curiosity to the rough patch of skin that I make into my drum tapping away as you grip my back soft muses come out of your mouth as you bite my ear I will not spill until you slide you say to me and force me down as you begin to ride my sword increasing your rate to the evering growing death that turns into life as the sparks begin to fly my tounge reached you live nerves increasing the pace till a scream begins to form in the back of your throat and your name forms with the grunt of passion in my mouth. The murder scene is set the bodies lay waste until a sound is heard in spring new life I love you vashtie
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