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There are many different versions of how vampires came to be in our realm here on earth.
There are many different versions of how vampires came to be in our realm here on earth. John Polidori’s version in The Vampyre and even the modern version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, are some of the more popular.

However, in the Arach series, the Vampires originated among the gods.

Ull was a Norse demigod who rebelled against the creators and fell in love with a human woman, Eola. She was the most beautiful being ever seen by god or human alike. He was told by another god Vali, who was fiercely jealous of his love for the woman, in order to make her godlike, he had to feed on her blood and she had to drink from him. The belief is that your blood is your soul, by sharing the blood you share your soul. One night by a full moon, Ull did a binding spell on Eola and drank her blood. He then forced her to drink his. When the morning light flooded their room, she was spellbound to him and could never leave. They soon realized that they could not continue to feed on themselves so they brought others into their pact. Most of the gods were not interested, so their focus moved to the humans. Humans, the powerful and royal especially, can be very easily misled to their own demise. The spell that Ull did was of very dark and ancient magick, it bound the two of them together for eternity, but it also bound them to their hunger, hunger for each other and a hunger for blood. As they fed on others, those who did not die were offered some of the vampire’s blood, they became bound to the same spell for eternity. Bound to the hunger for blood. They became vampires. They soon realized the benefits of being a vampire, strength, speed, and everlasting life. Their numbers grew mostly among the powerful and the rich, where greed was rampant. After a while they were discovered and hunted, groups broke free to roam the world.

Humans have been kept in the dark, or for that matter kept themselves in the dark. about the existence of vampires. They gave major otherworldly happenings, very human-like explanations. Like the great plaque of 1603. It was one of the wars between the forces of light and dark. The armies of the light lost the battle and were forced back into hiding, but the dark monsters celebrated and nearly killed all of what was left of Europe. Of course to the human eyes, the corpses looked like some terrible sickness had devoured them. They would not think for one second, of beings sucking their lifeblood out. Nearly 38000 humans died in London alone. Another very powerful being wanted to rid the world of impurity. He wanted true blood beings to rule. He created his army of full blood vampires and killed millions of people and beings, who did not fit into his plan of purity. Their corpses were never seen.

Do you agree with the Arach version or where do you think Vampires originated from?


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