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Inspired by the recent events in Charlotte, South Carolina
Ode To Charlotte

Oh, fair city

That flourishes on the surface,

But born in a region torn.

Divided peoples to a federate mean.

The difference between,

Human rights,

And Subjugate control,

The difference is plain,

What will reign?

As event would have,

In pain of dispute that was.

Freedom reigns to all who are,

In your womb decreed.

But of late, there stirs a fate,

To relive a time of hate,

To steel freedoms gate.

Oh Charlotte,

My heart does seize,

At such a plight.

How can this be?

Remnants of pain?

Jealousy born of courtesy wane?

What makes a people,

Think to mane is righteous sane.

Oh Charlotte,

I do pray,

That your children,

Will not feign,

That life is graded,

To any form of,

Ideal, color, or grain.

This is a new day.

Where you prosper,

In this day.

Coming from open

Heart and mind to forbear

To the unity of humanities care.

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